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Look i never had a problem with cub art. The thing is i dont have any interest in cubs in adult situation, someone did a comic that i consider a good representation of what peopel do here. They they slap an adult tag on the image that's cub but dont tag it as cub. So InkBunny just reads it as adult art and passes it past my filter to my dismay.

There are artist on here that do cub characters, teenage characters and adult characters. That's all well and good. Though there are characters/sonas on here where i dont know what age they are unless i look at other pics of them and randomly in there comments put or label it  cub or what not. Now I know this web sight is considered a  'cub haven', i know that a majority of these artist do have an FA and i can go watch them there if i have a problem with it  but one i don't prefer to be tied down to one websight for artist i watch  or to enjoy stuff that gets posted and  two there are even artist on there that post more here and are more active here  then on fa.

All i want is for people who post cub art to put Cub as a tag SPECIALLY when said cub art is adult in content, is that so hard. l know the problem isn't that they dont tag anything, its that they have everything under the sun listed and tagged for in that pic  EXCEPT CUB, which is beyond me, and probably just blatant  ignorance on their part.

So please if its cub and adult please label it so. I wont say names but its happened far to many times for my liking already.
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Added: 9 years, 5 months ago
9 years, 5 months ago
I always tag my cub stuff, even am sure to never let anyone ever rape my little skunk, I keep him fairly safe from adults as well.  
9 years, 5 months ago
In a way I kind of like FA's system of having fetish forums to post in, one for adult and one for general audiences.  However on FA people keep posting adult stuff on the general forums so it is just people not paying attention or just not caring about where or how they post things.
8 years, 4 months ago
This is the problem with voluntary tagging.

The problem with mandatory tagging is having to review the tagging, meaning volunteers or paid staff. :P
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