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Furry Fiesta - Day 3

The day's finally come to an end, but first thing I did when I got up was check with the lost and found again just in case. Still no ring found with the convention security or the hotel. I'm hoping I just took it off in the SUV and misplaced it.

Afterwards I went to the Dealer's Den to see who all was there. There was certainly a few familiar names and some new to me as well. I got to talk to wolfkidd face to face for a little, but naturally being the good artist he is, I left him to the work that was piling up on him. I also saw Michelle Light there and talked with her just a little, which was my first time ever talking with her. I found the good friend of one of my artist friends. That friend being os and the person found being
. I talked with him a bit and he seems like just a good guy as Os is :3 Next to him was someone I've spoken with off and on, on AIM, and even visited her Livestream stream for a little before, pmoss and spoke with her some, too. And a bit more of exploring I ran into a guy I've spoken with online quite a few times and I consider a friend, [iconname]Doodlebug[/iconname]. I also talked with some people associated with
and bought a badge from them, which will have to be completed later.

So all in all it was really nice to see the faces of these artists I know of and a few I've spoken with before. Especially when they're good people like these =^_^= It really goes to show one of the reasons I like to befriend fellow artists if possible.

After having a talk with all those artists for a brief period, I went ahead and went to the gaming room again and played some games again, but since the hotel wanted the room at 7 PM the room closed up early, which was saddening for someone that's a gamer, like I am.

After helping out some with the chairs in the process of the gaming room closing up (flashbacks from when I used to help the Teen Center in Kitzingen close for the night ^^; ) I headed back to the Dealer's Den to see how everyone was doing then. I saw that King Cheetah had already packed up and left. Can't blame him, though. It was the last day of the convention and he might've had a bit of a trip home for him. I checked on Wolf Kidd and Lisa to see how they were holding up now with the art pile they had. Wolf lives near Dallas, so he doesn't really have to even be in a hurry to leave. He could just be home in a few minutes when it was time to call it a day. Portzebie was still working a bit, selling buttons and commission and whatnot. After talking with him a bit about some personal art stuff (when I think about it, that might've come across as a little self-centered... ._.;) there was a call out for the dealers to start closing down shop. I left Portzebie to focus on cleaning up while I went and got my laptop and external hard drive that contained my art and projects on it. After getting those from my room I went back to Dealer's Den and asked Portzebie if he'd like any help with all the stuff he had to put away. But he had a handle on things. Wolf Kidd only had his drawings to put away, so I knew there'd be no point in asking him if I could help. After Portzebie finished cleaning up he went to put things away in his hotel room while I headed to The Corral and found a place to set up my laptop.

I worked a little on my RPG, watched some of my favorite music videos from my Fatboy Slim music video DVD, then put in my Weird Al music video DVD and tried to draw some updated pictures of my character, Lenshana. That's when one of the convention goers I spoke with off and on asked me to join him and two others in a card game that I never even heard of or seen before. So I picked a character deck out of the many decks there were, choosing to pick Phrenk, the troll alchemist, since other than an interest in bounty hunting, I also find alchemy rather interesting, actually having chosen that profession in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles years ago. Naturally being rather new to this game, I was quick to lose. Not that I minded. I just went back to what I was working on. Especially since it started getting cold in that room to me, so I had to put my trenchcoat back on. After working on Lenshana some more I decided the picture wasn't coming out that good, so I trashed it and opted to work more on my RPG a bit. Then I had to move for some kind of card game one of the goers hosted every night of the convention, so I put my laptop into hibernate, putting everything back into my bag and then got my tortilla chips from my hotel room. Coming back I saw that Portzebie had finally joined us in The Corral, so I went over to him and said hi again. I showed him some of the stuff I had done and even the RPG I was working on. He told me how he had dabbled in RPG Maker XP before, which is the same type I know :icongabe: uses for his Legend of Queen Opala RPG. So I really have to wonder if Portzebie went all out with it, what he could make. Naturally he's a better artist than I am. I hardly ever compare to other artists. I don't mind, really. I work the best I can, and that's all that should matter.

A little later P Moss came in as well. I was nice to see these two hanging out around where I was for a bit. Eventually after a bit of a group had gathered at the table, especially since it was a rectangle table and not a round one, they decided to move to a round table in the corner. I sort of felt a bit like an outsider anyway, so I decided to stay put, though my decision was a bit saddening to me. I didn't want to force myself into a group that I didn't really feel I fit in with. Yeah, I can talk with them easily enough, but they're more popular artists than I am. I believe my lack of popularity is sort of caused by the fact that I don't draw porn all that much. It was my choice to not draw it much, but I do have to wonder if I drew more of it how more people would come to watch my account.

Anyway, after working on a new picture for my cute vixen character, Sierra, my eyes started to ache a little from staring at the screen. Especially since I forced myself to draw something, though I technically am still not in the mood to draw for now. But I saved what I had done on her new picture and went and got my larger external hard drive. Reason being is that this holds my collection of pictures, programs, and videos that aren't art related. So I watched a few videos and got some nice laughs with them. But the odd sounds of them had gotten the attention of a few people around me, including Portzebie and P Moss. What was one of the videos that caught their attention? Heh, look up "Full Metal Disney" on YouTube and see what you find :p

Anyway, after watching a few more videos Portzebie and his girlfriend eventually decided to call it a night. I watched some more choosing to get some amusing in before I have to force myself to call it a night as well. The Indiana Jones music to a G-Mod Rube Goldburg machine video I have caught the attention of someone else in the room and he was amazed to see that such a long video and a long machine was just for... booting a soccer ball into a net goal. lol So much thought and work for a simple task :p

Anyway, after that I said my farewells to P Moss, her boyfriend, and her friend, then headed here, to my room. Before writing this though, I had packed just about everything back up. Now I just need to move them near the hotel room door so I can lug all this stuff down to my SUV when I get up later this morning. Hopefully I can avoid the Dallas traffic... Bleh...

Anyway, wish me luck on the return trip!
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