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What the....

The following is a real conversation log from Juice and Spunk Chat (The Tub):

<Forrest water starts boiling and grunts. "I delike people who give away happiness just to fuck someone.">
<Streak looks to his wet foot and shakes it instinctivly "Thanks Drako">
Streak: Wait... fucking was going to happen?
Drako_Tags: I'll gladly second that. I do not want one of my own doing anything stupid. Especially under this Guardian's watch.
Drako_Tags: wait?? what??
Forrest: Drako, you only come here to fuck people. even Mixy knows that.
<Griff hmms and nibbles an idle snow leopard.>
<Forrest turns away from them and crawls from the other side of the tub, fluffing up like a cotten ball, sending boiling water everywhere.>
Drako_Tags: Well, if you really have an issue with me just fucking snuggling someone, then I'l just fucking leave and never come back. I prefer my Mixy over anyone, including the PET HE FUCKING CHOSE for SEX!!!
Audrey: Good lord.
Audrey: Calm down for christ's sake.
Drako_Tags: Not like I really need to come here to fuck ya'know. I come here as a distraction from all the work I do online.
<Forrest crawls back onto his firebed since it's warm and he is cold as all hell in oregon.>
<Audrey heads off to shower and to get away from the crazy.>
Juice_Chat: Audrey is gone now: Shower
<Telmahri lazily paws at Griff's face.>
<Forrest yawns and snorts at Drako. " the reason he has a pet is because it helps regulate your body arse.">
<Streak facepaws and sighs "Really?">
Drako_Tags: If anyone in this relationship is giving away happines just to fuck someone (or be fucked by someone) its Mixy, who decided to play with this new friend of his, and simply cuz his dick is so much larger than mine, is now his pet
Forrest (to Drako_Tags): Sorry im just angry you and mixy are so bone headed as to ruin eachother when im stuck in a pit in hell with no food, no friends to hang out with, and no money to fix anything while im as useless as a leaf.
<Forrest crawls into a box and closes it.>
Streak: :/
<Streak sighs "And I can't help at all because I'm broker than a stone myself.">
Drako_Tags (to Forrest): And what makes you think we are TRYING to ruin each other?
Forrest (to Drako_Tags): YOU boss him around and are clingy as all fuck, making mixy take upa pet so he can get away from you. and mixy for not being able to even tell you.
Drako_Tags (to Forrest): He and I have lived together for over 3 years, and 2 of those 3 I WAS SUPPORTING HIM because his disability.
Forrest: but it isn't important
Drako_Tags (to Forrest): You have no fucking idea what is REALLY going on.
Forrest: just ignore me and go back to whatever.
Drako_Tags (to Forrest): I AGREED to be in a CLOSED relationship with him for OVER 3 years. He is the one who SUDDENLY decided to visit this kid, to fuck him, and to make him his pet.
Forrest (to Streak): Sorry.
Streak (to Forrest): I'm the one who should be apologizing, I can't offer even a little help when you need it :/
Drako_Tags (to Forrest): and even with that, this kid wants both of us or nothing. And it was completely Mixy's decision, with me not even sure I'm confortable with the situation, to take him in, as Mixy claims, as "OUR" pet.
Telmahri: Mind taking the batshit craziness to pm's or something?
Drako_Tags (to Forrest): and I ask Mixy every day if he really is sure he wants this. Every time, he says yes.

Apparently this batshit crazy dragon is accusing me and my mate of 3 years of ruining each other.
This is all recent, as in it just happened.  Not 3 weeks after Mixy solely decided on his own to take in a pet.
The new pet is entirely Mixy's idea, and is Mixy's friend.  I myself am having issues adapting to having to share my mate with anyone.  This is difficult since I am unsure how to take all this.
Hearing these words on a chat Mixy's on a lot more than myself makes me wonder what Mixy is not telling me.  If he's lying to me or hiding something.

This is making it harder for me to accept Mixy's decision for us to have a pet.  I know I am clingy, but I have NEVER wanted to be bossy or overly clingy or demanding of Mixy.
I also have been making sure everything was Mixy's decisions, espeically in matters regarding our relationship.  I love and respect him that much.  Which is why I have also been asking him daily if he is sure he wants the pet.

I never thought my own insecurities would be this much of a problem, and are the only real reason it's hard for me to adjust to such a change.  That and those insecurities feed my jealousy.
Logically, I having nothing against us having the pet.  Emotionally, I'm so torn I don't know what to think.  These words make it worse.

I wonder if we are really failing, after he drug me over 3,000 miles to live in his hometown - with his family.

I am so scared by hearing these words.
I don't want to lose my Mixy.

-cries off in a corner*

I'm worried that I've lost my mate of 3 years....
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