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Hit with a nostalgia bomb

There are times in life in which you remember something you really liked when you were younger, and when you see it again about a decade later, it somehow revitalises you and brings back those sweet memories you've enjoyed way back when.

Well I've had one of those moments.

I remember when I was about 5 or 6, I used to enjoy playing a game called Lego Island. Which I think was the first lego game I ever played.

I had one of my Dad's old PCs which has Windows 95 on it, and I remember how I used to play it for hours. I'd spend ages clicking on things and changing people's hats and the colour of their trousers and so on.

Admittedly the game could be glitchy and buggy, and the controls could be a bit awkward, but that was something I didn't originally mind.

What I liked most about the game was how the people interacted with you. Sometimes when you come across a character, they'll do a little random animation or tell you about something on the island or whatever, which I think gives the game some nice character to it. Also, the people behaved like actual lego people. As in their arms and legs didn't bend, and they had a rigid movement to them which was a great appeal in my opinion. The people know they're actually minifigures, like how they can be easily be rebuilt if knocked down, and how they often talk about why their skin is yellow, or about them being made of plastic.

I also remember hearing about Lego Island 2, which I thought would be cool, but after I saw a clip where their limbs bent, I was instantly turned off, because it looked like it was nothing like the prequel.

I even watched a walkthrough of the whole game and I was right too. The sequel had no appeal like the original. All the characters had different voice actors, their identity had been melted down to something completely generic, and the plot was badly written too.

But that aside, I loved the original Lego Island game, and I wish I could have the oppurtunity to play it again, so I can make everyone wear mugs on their heads or even be sponsored by Octan.
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
*Krsss* Alpha Base, the drop has been successful, the Bomb has hit the target, I repeat, the bomb has hit the target. Over. *Krsss*
Copy that Nostalgia 2. Over. *Krsss*
7 years ago
I thought it might have been something to do with you.
7 years ago
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