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Fucking Ow.

Good news, nobody! While repairing my brother's laptop, something interesting occurred. Let me give you the wonderful details.

Step one: Figure out why my brother's laptop won't charge. This was becuase his cable had a break in it, up near the plug. Specifically, it looked as if the friggin thing had been cut with a blade, and it became my job to reattach the plug, and modify it to rest at a 90 degree angle, rather than come straight out. Whoever designed these plugs is a fucking moron....

Step two: Strip the plug, solder it together, and create a cover for the plug. THIS is where things got interesting. While stripping the plug, I had forgotten that I had recently sharpened the knife I was using. Normally, the blade would cut through the plastic, then hit my thumb and stop, not causing damage. However, the blade went through the plastic cover on the plug with enough ease that I didn't have the time to register it, and when it hit the metal of the plug tip, the blade slipped sideways and cut through the rest of the plastic, as well as a good bit of my thumb. To be honest, i have no idea how the hell I got cut where I did, given the angles everything was at, but the cut begins at the back of my thumbnail, UNDERNEATH the nail, and extends to the tip of the digit. It's about 1/32 inch deep (which is about as thick as a foam emery board), and amazingly, didn't bleed  much (about thirty seconds, and only enough to wipe away twice). Also, it doesnt hurt. This, and this ALONE scares me. I have no feeling past the cut, so the right side of my thumb is numb while everything else simply itches. Makes me wonder if I damaged a nerve......

Anyway, long story short, I stripped the wires, soldered them so that the plug rests at 90 degrees, and recreated a plug cover on it out of hot glue. The plus works quite well now, and is even better than before, because the plug doesnt get hit, caught, or bent all the damned time. Do I consider the end result worth the price? Absolutely. You might think that's insane, but let me explain. I am my household's resident electronics technician, and I make it my personal goal to make broken things work. So , if i injure myself while working, but the job gets done (and done well), then I turn a blind eye to it. after all, I pour tears, sweat, and especially blood into my work. And if it makes people happy, then I am happy.

And @Graypython, this isnt ALL bad news. something good came of it, lol. ^_^
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
6 years, 11 months ago
STILL! bad news ^-^ hehehe
6 years, 11 months ago
yes. but good news as well. his laptop is running just fine, and he's happy as hell that he can set the unit on his lap evenly, without the plug bending from resting against the couch.
6 years, 11 months ago
Ok, ok.. you win.. *laughs cheerly*
6 years, 11 months ago
Asus is now using 90 degree angled power plugs on all there new laptops ... at least all the ones I have at my store. Just another reason I love Asus laptops.
6 years, 11 months ago
Oddly, Mine has one too. o_O

Then again, I made it that way, lol. At that agnle, it doesnt matter which side the thing plugs into, because now there isn't this big frickin dongle hangin out in the breeze, just waiting to be ripped to hell and back. It saves maany a laptop and power port from certain destruction. ^_^

Good job, Asus. You have listened to our complaints, and you have delivered. ^_^

Now, if only you would make longer cables for your goddamned laptop displays (G series), then we'd be golden! (you cannot order a longer cable, because they aren't made. >_>)

The other thing: His is a Toshiba, mom's is Acer. and mine is Asus. all of them sport the fancy new angle. ^_^
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