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Ray's Story

It was such a beautiful day that the Ryder family went camping in the woods. There was a five year old child named Ray, he didn't have school today  because he was on summer vacation. His family decided that they should go camping together. Ray's parents worked as business workers and never spent time with Ray and his older brother Ryoga because there were really busy with work that their manager gave them. Once it was night time his family were asleep, he was the only one  that was awake. Ray wanted to go exploring still, but his perents told him they can go tomorrow, he left the tent and to explore by himself but he soon got lost. Ray walked around to find his way back to the tent. He saw five men wearing white lab coats, he was curious so he walked to the five men, "Excuse me, can you help me find my way back to my family tent?" He asked but he didn't know there was a sixth person behind him. The sixth person covered Ray's mouth and nose with a cloth and in the cloth there was a liquid drug that made Ray pass out. Once all the scientist got back to their secret lab they chained Ray to a chair. Ray woke up  and looked around looking for his parents and his older brother "mommy? Daddy? Big brother? Where are you?!" He soon started to cry until the first scientist came "now now don't cry dear child we will take good care of you" the first scientists said "NO I WANT MY PARENTS AND MY BIG BROTHER!!!"Ray said. The first scientist was trying to calm Ray down"we will take good care of you if your work for us since  We can't breed these rar wolves"The scientist said. Ray was screaming that he wanted to be back to his parents. "Bring me the  next Elemental wolf that we have  now!!"The scientist ordered. The two scientist nodded and went to get the Elemental wolf that is made of ice to the first scientist. The two scientists brought the Elemental wolf to the  leading scientist. The  leading scientist took some blood from the  Elemental wolf  but the blood of the wolf was a light blue color and was cold as well. The leading scientist  injected Ray on every part of his body where his vein were, Ray screamed and cried in pain. The leading scientist laughed  insanely hearing the screams of pain from Ray.

well this might be continued in the future if I may be able to Finish this story  also Ray is one of my male Oc's
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