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Why, Hasbro? WHYYYYYY!?

To quote Rarity: This the the worst... possible... thing! *Falls onto a fainting couch and cries*

In case you haven't already heard, Hasbro has changed the best scene from last week's episode, "The Last Roundup" where Derpy was finally mentioned by name and even spoke! The scene was changed so that she was no longer mentioned by name, she sounded less goofy, and her eyes where partly un-derped!

Don't believe me? Here's the scene:

You can tell the changes where phoned in the moment Rainbow Dash gave a flat "aww" in a different voice!

This change has effectively de-canonized Derpy after all the build up and teasing with Facebook posts telling us "Can you spot fan-favorite, Derpy in this week's episode?" And Lauren Faust herself saying that Derpy Hooves has finally stuck!

It was a HUGE fan service by the MLP:FIM crew to make everyone's favorite background pony be acknowledged in universe and an even bigger fan DIS-service to take it away!

If you're a Derpy Hooves fan and our outraged by this change, let Hasbro know about it! Tell them that you feel upset about the edit they made to Derpy and that you're a fan of her! Let them know that you're not offended by her name and behavior and feel that the edit had a detrimental effect on her scene. Her original voice was a perfect match for her actions and her re-recorded voice doesn't sound at all like a lovable, air-headed, accident-prone klutz that we've seen in so many other programs over the years and laughed at their antics because we know that they mean well!

Please, save Derpy Hooves!

[EDIT] There's a rumor that the edit was Apple's doing and not Hasbro! That would make this change an illegal one!
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Added: 6 years, 12 months ago
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