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That was close...

Well, that was fun....

On my way home from work today, a pretty bad thunderstorm hit.
I was literally watching the ligtning strike random areas around town as he headed to WalMart to get Mixy some supplies for his Massage Therapy.

This Walmart is literally on the edge of town, right next to I-95.  (This is important.)

I had a feeling that I shouldn't waste any time inside Walmart, otherwise I would have browsed the store a bit to see if they had something I want to get.

I got his supplies, checked out, and started to walk out of the WalMart when my phone rings.  The sky outside was pitch black, at about 5 PM.
It's mama, shes telling me that they have confrimed a tornado right over I-95.  I told her I was just leaving the Walmart, and she literally told me to get the hell on the road that instant.

I run to my car, jump in and throw the supplies into the passenger seat.
I start down the road.  The sky is pitch black and there is lightnening touchdowns everywhere.
It starts raining extra hard, don't know if it was hailing any.

I am driving down Bells Hwy out of town as quickly and carefully as I can, considering it was Raining (or hailing - I couldn't tell) so hard I could barely see past my windsheild - even with the wipers at full speed.

There is a back way home, called Snyders Rd.  As I pass that road, I lost control of the car for a moment.  At first it felt like I was riding on the water, then realized the wheels did leave the road for a second.
Thereafter, I was going about 55 MPH, but it seemed like I was only going maybe 35-40.  The car felt like it was dragging.  All the while, the engine sounded like it was trying to gain speed.

I get home, she tells me a tornado touched down along Snyders Rd.  Another tornado destroyed a house in Islandton, less than 10 miles from our house.

I didn't see the tornado, couldn't hear it, but I was pretty freaked out.

Can I say I had a close encounter???


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