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Tropicalia Blues RPG idea seeds

Oh hey, this old thing.  Back again?!  Yeah, just spewing out idea seeds...

so we have tropical archipelago, hokay.  let's make this a pretty large set of islands to get a good playground for RPG shenanigans.  And we got natives, let's make em sea otters for now.  cause lutrai are awesome.  And they're chillin',probably tribal/clan breakups.

Then imperial types come.  Maybe dogs.  European themed.  and conquer it, as they're wont to do.  and force their culture and whatnot, pushing the native influences back to the not so nice islands.  And they rule for a few hundred years, lazily receding to corruptness.

And so rivalry and discontent feelings grow to a small but widely regarded rebellion the conquerers are dealing with.

Meanwhile, another nearby group, maybe asian themed rabbits.  They're going from dealing with getting used by the imperial, european type groups into their own formidable countries.  And they wouldn't mind giving the imperial groups the finger and snagging some sweet islands.  So they start helping forment rebellion, as well as straight up trade and assistance work.  Might have them as a even more 'replace your culture with ours'  maybe militiant vegetarians ala the K'kree/Centaurs in Traveller.  

So now we got a 3 way tug of war going, with probably some more various major and minor powers getting their push in.  Some organized crime rings, maybe some foreign ones competing too, mix well, drop in lots of guns and 1930's schizo tech.  Might lower the mad science aspect of pulp, just monoplanes, boats, and cars, with a bit of art deco influence.  Though some dieselpunk walkers and other mad science could be amusing, if kept a bit rare, sorta Crimson Skies and Gear Krieg spices added to the mix.

Nothing set in stone, just trying to get these ideas down before they flit away in my crazy brain.
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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
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