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Hi all, Hyenwolf here, with an announcement that I didn’t want to make and that probably no one cares about but Ama saying it anyways.
By the powers that be in this world (god, zeus, satan, electricity, lady fate aka goddess Isis or whatever omnipotent being anyone believes in), I’ve to the decision that I will be putting both my deviant and Inkbunny accounts on hiatus for some of the following reasons.  
These past couple of weeks have been shit, just shit. Massing up to nearly a month I have been sick in some of the worst ways. In the first week was with a cold that got me so bad I was even hallucinating because of it, and as someone who talks to herself when daydreaming of scenes for stories, that was one of those moments that told me that I was fucked from that point. Had a week of that before I could go back to work, before being sick again less then 2 weeks later and what started as a innocent cold was then followed by my stomach saying that it hates me and made the following week miserable to the point where for 2 days straight I couldn’t sleep at night, literally no hours of sleep. I’m hoping that tomorrow works out for work, especially as I now need strong painkillers in the morning. Sorry if this is sounding like a social rant but again, not the most enjoyable set of weeks.
With the kind of work I do now (which keeps me out of my house till past midnight), along with weekly therapy visits and needing to get my drivers licence along with house maintenance, I’ve only recently started to realise how much I’m juggling so making room for drawing is even harder with literally 1 day of, (sabbath don’t count). So I may priorities some things which pushes back drawing way back it seems. I’ll find the loop hole one day, it ain’t today though.

As an artist, I have done one of the worst things ever.... I lost the pen to my cintiq. It’s not outside but I’m struggling to find it, so I can’t even draw If I wanted to and this is just stressing me out even more. I don’t even know if I can replace is and not the whole frikin cintiq cuz that shit is expensive as hell. So in other words this is probably the most unprofessional you will ever see me, sorry about that.

So yeah, with all that said now, I think its best If I throw in the towel until I can sort out this huge mess dubbed my life. I’m not quitting or abandoning the KAKL/Hyenwolf name, this is just temporary.... I hope. But yeah, feel free to look through my stuff and leave any thoughts you got, but NO STEALING.... please.

Well that’s all I have to say so you all take care and hopefully you’ve all had a better time than I’ve had.
See you next time.
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Added: 4 years, 9 months ago
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