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Fun little backstory journal thing

Idk what to call this lmao, I'm just gonna explain the reason i'm here and shit for no particular reason lol

I'll be updating this journal every now and then adding more and more info that comes to mind

Long story short, I'm in the fandom just for the lewds, the community kinda came afterwards as a side-effect

So, originally i was a normie, tickling the pickle to normie porn, then I got bored of human dong and wanted to explore something more exotic, different, then I went searching for alternate stuff, and I came across the fandom. can't get more exotic and interesting than dragon dick amirite 👌

This reason is also why you will most likely very rarely see SFW art of my characters firsthand. It'll mostly be gift art.

Which links into the next part, I get incredibly annoyed when i see any sort of OC or art with human peen in it, because, essentially, the thing I'm escaping from is leaking into my escape, and I don't really want any of that. Human dong is boring, give it some texture man, make it more than just a cylinder with a knob at the tip put it in a slit or a sheath or something.

I typically don't enjoy SFW art period, it's just not interesting to me, and i have a disdain for "void crotch" SFW, where the character ins subject is naked, but there's straight up nothing between the legs. it only rings "dismemberment" in my mind, I gotta have everything anatomically correct

boy, if you're gonna do SFW art, you gotta deal with at least a bulge or something

I also find it annoying when artists can't handle seeing a ref with a dick on it, like.. dude, suck it up and take the ref

Being in the community part of the fandom has been quite a ride tbh, I've had any goods and many bads, probably more bads than good judging by how many people I've come across and have irrationally hated me for whatever reason.
but I must be a masochist or something, because I just keep coming back lol.

Now here's some more personal info about me if you want to know me more for whatever reason.
I'm autistic, I have the "trash can" autism, where they don't really know what's wrong with me so they lump me into a type of autism called "PDD-NOS" which kinda just spreads across all aspects, like for example, for some people I come across as narcissistic, but nope, that's a part of my autism, I have trouble putting myself into someone else's shoes. as my mom would put it "a narcissist knows, but doesn't care, while you on the other hand, know but also care".
I have an overall problem reading social cues, so I always take things too far, and it hurts me in the long run.

I'm actually really sensitive even though I come off as kinda rude and blunt, the smallest thing can make me sad over something, like if i annoy a friend i don't want to annoy i get really anxious around them
I'm extremely paranoid and I'm medically vulnerable to schizophrenia, which isn't fun.
I'm gay as fuck, I like me some DICK, size don't matter bby

I've actually been called an "aquired taste" by a couple of friends, and the way i can explain it is, you typically don't like me to begin with, but then i grow on you and you end up liking me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well that's all i can think of for now, if you want to ask me questions or talk to me, do so in the comments or join my discord server or something lol. I also got some good emotes on it if you use nitro
I don't use telegram or skype so don't ask.

Invite link: https://discord.gg/mbmPGk7
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