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When will I ever have anything good to post in one of these damn things?

Seriously, I feel like every time I get the urge to post a journal, it's a rant or a complaint about something. I want a good reason to post something! >.< But it feels like the only reasons I do so anymore are to just rant or complain about some stupid thing or another.

When I try to think of good things, the only thing that comes to mind is the realization that Shiuk wasn't actually holding out on my picture - he had sent it to the wrong email, and thus, I ended up getting all pissy about it for no damn reason. He's really not a bad guy...

Seems all the members of my future family are starting to become really happy for their own reasons. Mavy and his girlfriend who's name I STILL can't remember how to spell (Kaytlyn? Kaitlynn? Kaitlin?) are slowly getting their life to something good. Gaki's boyfriend actually took him on a DATE. And Envy... Eh, Envy doesn't talk to me much about things. It's like he's hiding stuff from me.

What about myself? Like anyone cares. But, eh... Beyond the picture (can anybody say apologetic freebie? Sweet.), I also acquired myself a copy of Fallout: New Vegas. Fun game, but rather buggy. Seriously. Go to the Fallout wiki, and look at nearly every Fallout: New Vegas article. There's a 'Bugs' section to every fucking one of them. x.x I wonder if the fact that none of the prostitutes in Gomorrah will sleep with me is a bug in itself...

I wish my aunt would stop treating me like I'm some dumbshit child. Honestly, I go into the living room when she's here and my grandma is on the phone, her first thing to say is, "Quiet, mamaw's on the phone." And she says it in SUCH a damn way that makes it sound like she's trying to speak in a poor version of Ebonics. It's sickening. She's ALWAYS treating me like a fucking child... If we hadn't gotten the Jeep fixed fully, I swear, I would have gone INSANE before I went any fucking where else with that old fucking bitch.

The only thing I truly want right now, in my life, is just to... move. I want to get out of this collapsing house, and move up to Chicago, to be with Mavy. I feel the family that's planned up there will be a ton better than a drug-addled booze-swilling cigarette-smoking bunch of loonies that I can hardly stand... Move, change my name, perhaps try to constantly dye my hair a different color... Separate myself from the horrors I've suffered for twenty years of my fucking life.
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