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Basic terms of Consumption for Paid Artwork

Basic terms of consumption for Paid artwork, regarding any and all OC, owned characters of Sabastian Fortney. Alias of “Tialdo Mattias O’Neill”

Known Characters Covered:
- Tialdo M. O'neill
- Bastia M. O'neill
- Nevadah Roicarre
- Tobias Callaghan

Primary Concerns for the Artist
If I pay for the artwork, I am legally entitled to do with the art as I please Recreationally. However I am NOT allowed to use it for my own commercial gains.

If it is a Free artwork given to me, then the artist retains and may exercise control over recreational rights unless otherwise stated and agreed upon between me and the artist.

As the Consumer, or commissioner of an art piece, I reserve the right to control aspects of the art process in terms of what I would like to see. Unless the commission in question is a ‘surprise’ commission piece

I recognize fully that many artists are not flexible in their TOS, and Will often include what they will not Draw in their TOS. I do not intend to break TOS, so if it shows that you say I cannot post a piece I paid for to my accounts, I will seek other artists.

I Do not give an artist a hard deadline due to fully being aware that the artist is a human being with a life to deal with. However, if I had waited months, I will begin to push for completion or Refund.

Asking me Mid Project after having already completed Several pages of a comic to make it simpler is an immediate way for me to discontinue patronage, and even ask for a refund due to failure to consistently provide your service.

Secondary Concerns

If provided a link, I will link your account in the description so more people can find you, especially if they like what they see.

I believe in artistic freedom, unless I'm willing to draw the basic sketch myself, it is largely free for you to design a scene after spitballing ideas together, and ask me as needed for adjustments to be made.

I do not ask for refunds unless I am grossly disappointed in the performance of a commissioned artist.
Tertiary Concerns

Comments are locked on this journal. I am aware not every upload of mine possesses an artists link. I have been working on ensuring my newer uploads more consistently have the artists link in its Description or on the artwork itself.

With regards and mutual respect;
        Sabastian Fortney
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