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OMG shit shit shit... My Norton anti virus on my computer has 1 DAY left... i spent all my money today driving home and back... ALL of our bills are due tomaro and i don't think my pay check is going to cover it all. I need about $45 by the end of tonight...

I'm taking as many of these as I can till I get $45... the more money the send the better and more stuff i'll do for you... this goes for ANYTHING that I'm capable of doing...

send money via paypal Personal - Gift option to kurseplur[at]aim.com
just note me here: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1914465/ , tell me how much your sending and what you want (link character refs)
anything goes...
pimp me out if u can please
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Added: 8 years, 5 months ago
8 years, 5 months ago
the only money i have is what i get payed tomaro... the biggest my check might be is $300
split between the roommates my bills are

internet: $14
Electric: prolly $45 (i don't even know right now cuz luke lost the mail).. it was more last month so it might be more
water: $10
RENT: $180
PHONE: $86 (cuz i just got sneak charged with a required service package cuz i got a new smart phone for xmas from my uncle and i went to the tmobile store and they told me that the stupid $30 4GB internet package thing was REQUIRED!)
then i need gas $ so pewter can get me to work and back... :(
7 years, 7 months ago
you pay for norton ?
i think i'll have to get you on a stage about how to avoid getting viruses without norton or any paid antivirus.

- windows live messenger or internet explorer has no security and is your main concern. firefox/opera or pidgin/amsn is a way better choice and are free. also, install an ad-blocker and block them on sight.

- enable file extensions. a virus can only enter in your computer through an executable file. these end in .exe .com .bat .pif .scr .jar, you don't have to be afraid about any kind of document

- an antivirus is just here to prevent things and will never fix your computer, whatever the price you'll pay for, if you have a virus or malware, it won't do shit but instead, help the virus spread while scanning. if you download random programs (warez, cracks, doubtful old school games... ) i encourage you to use something like clamwin to scan them.

- Microsoft Security Essentials is good, lightweight, gets the job done and virtually free  [as long you don't use a pirated windows. otherwise if you preferred a good xp pro or win7 ultimate over the vista premium preinstalled, manually scan your downloads with clamwin.]

- refuse and never opt-in for commercial adwares or helpers like askjeeves, yahoo toolbar or google's crap. these usually come up with rootkits. if it's mandatory, well; you'll always find an alternative yet compatible version released under GNU GPL or creative commons.

- configure your router so it acts like a firewall. and the best kind of firewall, blocking incoming traffic and only allowing you to open connection will even protect an old PC runing win95.

there, you saved some monies.
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