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So! I've been writing again...

Working on a pair of stories for my buddy
, least I can do for him to help him keep up his chin up with all that's gone on. Though admittedly I'm a bit shocked I've already passed 3000 words without trying ^^; anywho you can expect that and two other stories on the way already. One cubby and erm 'extreme content' on Charn's preferences, one also along Charn's likes and not cubby, and a third which I'm writing for another friend and for the folks at large. My ovi story has been getting a LOT of favs and I think it's a sign I aught to do another/more of it.

Anyway this brings up something else. I kind of want to light a bit of a creative 'fire' under my own arse because frankly I like writing but I keep being lazy about it. So I'm thinking of continuing the "Richard and Joseph" stories after that. I have some sort of base ideas for the various other days (if you want to read the currents they'd be "example 3" and "Richard and joseph day 2" respectively, might toss em into their own catagory thing later when day 3 finishes.).

//WARNING beyond this point contains some weird/highly kinky stuff possibly. You were warned, turn back now if you'd not care to see it.//

 The 'basic' ideas are so far this, day 3 would involve Joseph inviting a couple of good friends over and sharing Richard with them, possibly with some sort of embarasment to serving them alongside it. It'd take place in their living room and I'd be tempted to do something odd with it like have Joseph thread some sort of a sound with a 'bag' into Richard's cock to hold some drinks for his guests meant to be kept warm. What drink? what else aside from being strapped over the living room table and exposed and 'used'? I don't know.

For day 4 I'm thinking some sort of 'outing'. This one's pretty loose but I'm thinking it's for preperation for day 5 so it'd be shopping and the like but beyond that I've got nothing so far.

Day 5 would be a dinner party, basicly to some extent day 3 on sterioids with richard being shared/used by far more people and maybe spending the party under the table being forced to please whomver he was passed to.

Day 6 would be Joseph finishing training on another pet being brought in, ending with gelding the pet in question. This'd be the day Richard finds out what's in store for him on day 7 and I was thinking Joseph gives him the opportunity to back out. I'm thinking Richard wont of course, but with how Joseph feels for Richard I'd think he'd offer it.

Day 7 Would of course be Joseph taking Richard's balls and making him fully his pet.

Now, again, this would all be post me writing the ovi story I'm planning on. So I got 1 mostly done story and 2 not started ones before I even get to these. But, I feel that day 2 was highly improved upon by Charn 'commissioning' it and getting to pick and choose a large amount of what happened in it. So what I was debating was this. I don't have an 'easy' way to do money'd commissions for now due to a host of reasons (not the least being a possible upcoming job followed by moving.). So! I was thinking of offering folks who were interested in some creative control over one or more days to snag me an art commission from other artists out there. I'm sorely lacking in art of my own 'boys' as it were including not having a proper "reference sheet" for my main wuff self especially. It's something I've wanted to fix for a long while but sans job right now I don't have the cash to do so. Now, I'm not sure how I'd work this, I'd suspect probably I'd go and find a few artists who's stuff I like and just toss them into a list here or on FA (or both) and go from there. but I'm not doing this yet, this is more of a "would anyone be interested in doing this?" sort of journal to see if it's even a good idea at all. Drop me a line and let me know what you think.
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6 years, 11 months ago
Sounds great, can't wait to read them :3
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