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IB problem

Is anyone else having problems with their stats on page? For some reason my favorite suddenly dropped from 3,580 to 3,080, lol Just wondering if anyone else had this happen all a sudden. I think the others stayed the same just that one changed.
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
i noticed that yesterday, but bad for the kiriban XD
7 years ago
I've never cleared my notices so I cleared them last night, maybe keeping them is kinda messing up IB system with too much junk. Now sadly I only have a few to look at.
7 years ago
It should only take away favourites when you delete (a) submission(s), depending on how many favourites the submission(s) have/had, otherwise it shouldn't do that o.o;
7 years ago
All I noticed is that sometimes IB would fail to load due to no connectivity on my iPod, but then refresh three times, it loads.
7 years ago
Odd, your notices shouldn't have any bearing on that number at all. If it does, then there's something terribly wrong with the coding. I don't monitor my stats really, so I have no idea. That's a lot to just suddenly lose over night though, if it was watchers than it's possible but faves is a little strange. A lot of people would have to un-fave your stuff, or have their accounts removed to make that kind of impact (if deleted accounts even remove the faves).

I would let an admin know, and see if they can check the logs to see what, if anything, happened.
7 years ago
I will ask them, its strange to be on my page and see 500 just go away within a few minutes, lol, kinda hard that 500 would unfavor at same time, hehehe
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