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commission TOS



[what i will and will not do for commissions]


furry/anthro characters
human/humanoid characters
couples (straight or yuri)
groups up to 3
pinup/nude female characters
SOME mecha
adult-rated content with multiple characters (see what i WON'T do..)


inflation/fat characters
baby/infant characters
other weird fetishes (please discuss with me if you have questions)

[terms of service]


i will only accept secure payments through PayPal. if you do not have an active and verified account, please take the time to set one up (it usually takes 3-5 business days for everything to process).

please wait for me to review and accept your commission before any payments are discussed or sent.  i will discuss how payments will be processed with you personally after i've reviewed the details of your commission. i'll give you clear instructions on what to do and what i will not accept. i'll try my best to make it as easy and painless of a process as i possibly can :)

i will only begin your commission once the FULL payment is processed and accepted. meaning; if you haven't sent it, it's still pending on my end, or isn't in my possession, i won't start your commission. if i don't receive payment from you within 15 days of your request, i will first send you a reminder to make your payment. after 30 days of non-payment, i will cancel your commission and remove you from the list.


i will not offer refunds for any reason. i will keep you updated as to the status of your commission as much as i possibly can, and i will be willing to make small changes to the piece as long as it is in its sketch stage. i will not offer and redos or start a piece over at any stage--but please remember that i will give my best effort to make you absolutely happy with the piece i produce. i will, however, honor a refund if i am somehow unable to finish your piece.

i will only accept one commissioned piece per person. meaning, if i have 3 open slots for commission and you've already taken up one of them, you'll have to wait until all of the other commissions are finished before asking again. i will not hold a future position in the commission queue for you, or push you ahead because you've commissioned me before. i do this for the sake of fairness to everyone, so please don't take offense.  

i have the right to be picky about who i choose to accept and reject for commissions. please don't take it personally if i decide not to take on your commission. i'd like to keep the passion for drawing before all else so i don't lose the drive to draw the things i want to for myself or friends. if you do happen to be someone i turn down, but you'd really like to get work from me, i am totally open to sharing other ideas to make your piece better. if i say no after further discussion, i mean no.

please remember that i do have other obligations outside of my commission work. depending upon the detail or amount of work you give me, i could take longer to turn out your work than others. i will be putting orders that are simpler and less time-consuming ahead of those who ask for complicated pieces specifically so people who have simpler items don't have to wait. if you're wondering how your commission is doing, please don't hesitate to contact me about it. if something should come up in my personal life that affects the time it would take to complete your piece, i'll let you know as soon as i possibly can.

please do not alter/copy/trace or otherwise STEAL work i produce for you or other people. i understand and accept any excitement you have for getting a commission done, and i'm more than happy if you'd like to post it elsewhere to show everyone. all i ask is that if you do this, you give me the proper credit (linking people back to me, naming me as the artist, etc.) that is due. if i catch you (or anyone, really) violating this, i will not hesitate to report you to whatever community you're on or pursue legal action.[/u]

do not haggle with me. when i price your commission, that's the price it will stay at. if you're unhappy with the price i may have set for you, simply don't commission me.

commissions will only be accepted if the proper form is filled out and delivered to me in some form. i will only accept commissions through form submission. i will only accept forms submitted to me through email--so please send all forms to:


improperly filled out or mailed forms will be rejected.

that's it for now! i'll update this page for everyone if anything changes :) if you have any questions, please ask!
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