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No Change in Hiatus

Hey all,

This is my first full spectrum post across all furry oriented accounts, as follows:

So Furry:
 Demet_13167 -> https://www.sofurry.com/user/view/profile?id=51601

Fur Affinity
Demet -> https://www.furaffinity.net/user/demet/

Demet13167 -> https://inkbunny.net/Demet13167

Why the variation everywhere, where others have one username to rule them all? From what I hear on FA, people keep a separate account for clean and adult material. Since I’m not all that important (or give a care as to my reputation of likes/dislikes), I mush everything together. Originally done to create a unique identity, now has become cumbersome. The significance of 13167? While pointing to an area in New York State and not encompassing the city center of Gayville, it is merely the insertion of 36 into 117.  

At some point, when I’m not feeling lazy, I will update this information in my profiles when this entry becomes buried in the eventual cascade of journal updates that I do not guarantee will come. However, I will make my best effort as many distractions that have kept me away before are now resolved. What has transpired in the mundane details of an other than ordinary furry’s life?

In all of the years of identifying myself as a part of the furry fandom, I have: One semester remaining at the University, a highly flexible job that pays for shiny things, and picked up a boyfriend along the way. My other engagements as an avid furry include: attending Megaplex 10, planning for Megaplex 11 and AC2012, YouTube-ry, and stuck in the forever loop from school of “”list everything you can think of in sets of three using ‘and’ frequently.”

In regards to amassing arts and building a furry identity, just started doing that after Megaplex 10. Now I have a ref sheet from Fenrirwolfen and other artworks in the pipeline. Then comes the matter of acquiring a fursuit, which will likely occur sometime in December. Anticipate myself being a silent fur, but highly inquisitive with my paws. Don’t quote me on any of this because I want shiny things first. Two come to mind: a smartphone and tablet running Android 4.0 ICS. Still use an old fashioned feature phone for texting and laptop as they get the job done. These items come into my possession only after I graduate, which serves as excellent motivation.

For closing remarks, I post a story written for a fox I admired back in the day. He’s likely in his second year of college by now and grown up quite a bit. It was a story to commemorate his 18th Birthday, as I have no better skills at drawing. With no reply in acceptance, I take it the story returns to me and I’ve decided to post it. Not a major work, done just for fun. Since I now have a husky to work with, my neglected series may come back to life.

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