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Weekly Schedule Time! (10/2)

Hey there everyone!

It’s another week and things are moving forward!  

I want to announce that with the assistance you all gave us a couple weeks ago, some assistance from Squeakers'‚Äč sisters, her and Dicy’s paychecks and the money from Patreon, we’re going to be able to stick around in our place!

We’re budgeting hard and making estimates already in order to avert scrambling next month.  We’ll see where it goes and how successful things are.

Once again, thank you to
and all of our friends who joined us in the stream and donated as well as everyone who donated here.  I can’t thank you enough and I’ll be doing my best to keep up production as best I can going through October and onward!  Thank you all so much.  I really don’t have a better way to say it, though I wish I did.  

If you still want to help out, you can always head over to our Paypal or Ko-Fi at any time.

I’ll be updating the Hall of Friends, soon, since it’s WAY overdue...

As far as Patreon goes, I still have the wallpaper to finish, but we slid just under our goal this month so I’ll do the voting once the current wallpaper is finished (I have to to the background and add the text, even though the main portion is finished.)  Once that’s done, though I’ll put it up to be downloaded by everyone and run the vote for the next one, though it’s not a priority.

My current priority is the Spooky Sketches, which if you want a commission by me this month, is the special I’m running!  Go and check that out.

Anyway, on to business!

Announcements and Business

Regular commissions are closed!   If you need pricing info for my regular commissions, please check the site for details:

I’ll open back up in November in a limited capacity.

For October, I’m running Halloween ‘17 - Sali’s Spooky Sketches!  Click on the link for details!  Only $17 per for a colored sketch!  It’s scary! ovo!

I’m starting off a little slow. My sleep’s kind of bad and I’m just getting through all the stress from trying to keep things together, but that’s all draining out a bit so we’ll get those sketches started this week and

As always, I would like to send out my thanks to everyone who supports my Patreon!   As I said before, I’ll try and have the wallpaper out this week, I was just completely full up last week with the comic.  I was pretty out of it and stressed out most of the week and I just didn’t have time to put it together, but I’ll do my best to get to that this week.

I have a Ko-Fi now!  Just in case you’re not fond of Patreon but still want to support without having to buy something expensive. ^v^  It’s cheap and every little bit helps!  On October 5th, I’ll reset the counter and update it with the current cable bill, since everything right now is going towards rent.

There is now a Fox Saliant Studios/Various Happenings discord channel!

It’s not public just yet, but if you want an invite, you’re free to message me to get one!

So, now that that’s out there, onto the list...

Commissions, Paid Work & Patreon Items

Little Foxes Wallpaper (Patreon)
Main inks & colors finished!  Background in progress!

Personal Care (Shaze)
p.01 [INV-182]

p.02 [INV-183]
In progress! (Panel 1 Finished!)

Nevvy’s Safe Place (Nevan) [INV-214]

Stolen Identity! (Nori) [INV-215]
Not Started

SH Nurse Pin-Up (Patreon)
Blocking & Sketching completed. Inking next.

EDB Icons (Patreon)
Not started yet.  Information acquired and ready.

Ceejay Icons (Patreon)
Not started yet.  Information acquired and ready.

Eddie and Kennie’s Date (Ryou)
Part 1 [INV-216]

Not started
Part 2 [INV-217]
Not started

A Super Team-Up! (Cole) [INV-218]
Not started

Character Sheet: Tiff (Azure Dreamer) [INV-219]
Not started

Linkie Posing! (Linkie) [INV-221]
Not started

A Stiff Breeze (Razor Breeze) [INV-224]
Not started

Working Hard or Hardly Working (KlinKitty) [INV-226]
Not started

Home Alone (Remixer) [INV-227]
Not started

Zedd Conscript Stream! [INV-228]
Schedules for 10/4

Just Eevee Things! (Shaze) [INV-229]
Stuck In The Middle!

In Progress - Lineart Finished!
Shaze & Yuki p.03
Thumbnails sketched.
Shaze & Yuki p.04
Thumbnails sketched.

JWhoof Icons (Patreon)
Not started yet.  Need info.

As always, if I forgot something, let me know!

Commission Slots:
(Basic Character Commissions Only)

#215 - Nori - Info received!
#216 - Ryou - Info received!
#217 - Ryou - Info received!
#218 - Cole - Info received!
#219 - Azure Dreamer - Info received!
#221 - Linkie - Info received!
#222 - Shaze - In Progress!
#224 - Razor Breeze - Info received!
#226 - KlinKitty - Info received!
#227 - Remixer - Info received!
#228 - Zedd - Not scheduled yet!

Halloween ‘17 - Sali’s Spooky Sketches!

#01 - Christa (Stream OK!)
#02 - ChaoticK9 (No Stream)
#03 - MadCoil (Stream OK!)
#04 - Karma (Verifying Stream)
#05 - Karma (Verifying Stream)
#06 - =OPEN=
#07 - =OPEN=
#08 - =OPEN=
#09 - =OPEN=
#10 - =OPEN=
#11~65 - =OPEN=

To Do List

- Pay back Nori for assistance ($150)
- Update the Hall of Friends!
- Finish Uploading SotS Stuff
  - 05/19 SotS
  - 05/26 SotS
  - 06/23 SotS
  - 06/30 SotS
  - 07/14 SotS
- Compile all this year’s SotS into an easily downloadable package for Patrons
- Compile all of Obsidian’s past commissions
- Clear out all of my inboxes (Tumblr/dA/IB/E-mail)
- Further organize VH chapter documents/consolidate notes
- Update ledger
- Update Patreon Banner
- Update Tapastic Thumbnails
- Create Cast Page
- Update Secret Gallery
- Update backups

And then, as for the schedule…

Weekly Schedule [10/2]

Monday (10/2)
Zen Day
No Stream - Focus on cleaning house; resetting sleep schedule.

Tuesday (10/3)
Various Happenings: p.70 (Sketching+Inking)

Wednesday (10/4)
STREAM: Zedd Conscript Stream / HALLOWEEN’17

Thursday (10/5)
Various Happenings: p.70 (Colors & Shading)

Friday (10/6)

Milestones & Highlights!

Let’s see how things are going!

As of right now:

Tumblr: 2338 Followers
    Twitter: 83 Followers
    deviantart: 321 Watchers & 23.1k Pageviews!
    Inkbunny: 665 Watchers & 107.8k Pageviews!
    FurAffinity: 941 Watchers & 21.2k Pageviews!
    Patreon: 20 Patrons - $93/month
    Comic Website: 298 Unique Views Per Week (Average)!
    Tapas: 67 Subscribers / 6.3k+ Views!

That’s a lot of numbers!  

Despite how hard last week’s page was, it was a big hit, which I’m happy about.  We survived last month thanks to a lot of help and going forward we have a plan.  I just have to figure out a way not to drown in stress, it’s really impacting my health and I’ve got to take care of myself a little better.

I’m sure we’ll make it, though, every day gets us closer to our goal, and I haven’t missed a weekly update yet, even if I’ve been a bit late.  I’m considering taking a short break after Chapter 4 (it’s going to be a short chapter, only a few pages) but we’ll see how I feel and if plans don’t change by then.

As always, if you want to ask me questions about my work, feel free to e-mail me at sali(at)foxsaliant.com or pm me either here, or at my deviantart or inkbunny (links are below).

If you want to help me out or see stuff that I can’t quite show off yet, feel free to visit my Patreon and contribute!  If you just want to help, check out my website over at Foxsaliant.com for general info and donation links!  I set up Ko-Fi for those of you who are still skittish about Patreon but want to toss something my way anyway, so if that appeals to you, go ahead and throw something over there!

Anyway, that’s all for now!

Thank you all so much for your love and support! ^v^  As always, I’ll be here if you need me!  See you later!


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