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Well for starters with that giant cluster fuck that was me trying to get a room for AC that was more or less figured out.  Wonder is being nice enough to let me use his room to change in and out of my suit in.  Along with when I need to take breaks in between suiting. ^^;  One of my other friends offered me too, which thanks again for that, but it's still partially because I don't know everyone in their room. ^^;  But we'll be in the Double Tree this year so that'll be interesting.  Which it'll be me, sobo, dark, anar and pyro.  Though depending on what happens Syn and her boyfriend may end up sliding their way in as well.  So at least that giant headache is out of the way. x.x

One of my other "headaches" literally and figuratively has kind of been worked out or at least I've come to a decision on it in my head.  Which that's mostly the issues I was having with one of my long time friends.  Which finally getting to talk to him the other weekend I was at least able to clear my mind out on what I needed to say.  At the same time though it seemed to have created more issues and I guess I sort of saw more of how they really are.  Along with some of the new things that cropped up during that talk that they had said to me kind of helped edge me to my decision.  Which as much as I don't want to do it, but I'm more or less at the point where I'm going to distance myself from them.  In part because I still can't wrap my head around some of their thoughts and where they were coming at with some of it.  Though that's as far and as much as I really want to get into it.  Some of you know what I'm talking about so I'll just leave it at that. x.x

Though the one sliver lining that I have is it's less than a month now till I make my trek to Colorado.  I'll be leaving on March 1st and won't be leaving there to head back home till March 18th.  Which anyone that wants to I can do my usual of texting people as I'm jumping trains.  Though don't expect me to text back much at all.  Mostly at the actual train stations.  Because on most of the trains it varies on if I'll actually have anything to plug my phone into to keep in charged.  Which of course that makes me run into the problem of not being able to charge my laptop and other things as well.

As far as work and everything else it's basically about the same.  Work still sucks, which I know isn't surprising.  Though at the same time I'm still sadly trying to force my way into Petco. ^^;  I talked to them yet again recently and he's telling me again, "oh we need someone from 8-1 or so on weekdays so I'll call you here in a few days and work you in." Though of course I'm still sadly working.  Though that's why I haven't really been holding my breath on the job for months now. ^^;

At the same time sorry I haven't really been in much contact with anyone.  Especially those that I tend to only be in contact with online.  I know part of it is just everything that's been going on and through my head lately and I just can't seem to sort most of it out.  Which of course in turn is messing up my sleep once again.  And me trying to tire myself out by working out a few days ago only made me sore as hell and made it even harder for me to sleep. ^^;  But yeah like I said I'm not really trying to ignore anyone or push anyone away or anything like that.  It's just mostly people needing to poke at me and try to get me to socialize.  Though a good bit of is still really stemming what had gone on with my one friend.  Because to a degree it was the last straw with a good many things.
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