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decided to get an inkbunny account and other stuff

well wasnt going to really bother with it but after Paige, tricksta and BB (of pal's comix's) all coming over as well as other artists (growing by the day) I decided I needed to get an account here. I might upload my art here too, not sure yet. thing is all my art in my eyes is cub (banned on FA now) its not because they are its cuz I either drew them when i was myself young or that in the shows they are young or give no age but are child hood memories. most should be safe the only one i know for a fact that will be deleted and likly uploaded here is my Hello Kitty pic. HK is I think 6 by the shows standards my pic has her flat chested and showing her goods. but who know's how FA will handle everything. also been wondering about doing some holiday stuff (art wise) still cant find my sketch pad so just gonna use printer paper if i do draw anything. right now I have 1 idea i think would be funny as hell to do and I blame tricksta for it. why do i blame him? he is the ONLY artists who's scat art I could look at and not just feel ill about. not a fan of scat nor water sports but I'm not the kind to judge anyone for what they like. anyway back on subject. the pic i was thinking of was of his rose (since I still havn't got him a B day gift ) in a reverse scat pic. essentially having a frozen #2 crammed up her ass in candy cane colors lol. yeah its odd and not sure about it yet but if i do it will be my first ever scat pic and likly last (unless i can find my sketch pad lol ;_; )
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Added: 8 years, 4 months ago
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