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Birthday and Update

Hey everyone! Been a while since I posted on here!

First things first, yesterday was my birthday!!! ^w^ I had a fun time yesterday and received some cool gifts, including an Amazon Echo Dot, which wasn't something I really wanted and could have lived my life without one, but it still was cool that I got it and I will certainly use it!

But onto the second thing, and something I've been meaning to talk about. I've been meaning on being more active with posting art and content online, or at least on my art sites, more often, but a lot of things IRL has been keeping me back, particularly with school and making videos on YouTube. However, all of that will change. I've decided to retire from making YouTube videos, or at least for the time being. There are multiple reasons for this, one of the big ones being I don't like how Google is running their platform, but the biggest one for me is that it's taking time away from me drawing and doing art. I've been feeling that I'm stagnating when it comes with growing as an artist because of trying to make videos online, and if I want to make a living off of being an artist I have got to stop with YouTube for the time being and focus back on getting better with making content on site like DA and FA. I've tried to do that with mixing my art and making videos with a YouTube series called Coyote V-Logs, however the workload had gotten to me since I was the only one doing all of the work and I just couldn't take it anymore.

What I am saying is that I am somewhat rebranding myself as an online artist. I will make more of an effort in building my online presence and portfolio. I know it is difficult trying to find an audience online since getting one is like catching lightning in a bottle (in other words dumb luck), and I tried to get permission from my mom, who is in charge of my finances, to start commissions but she says that I should not until she gives me permission to use my checking and savings account or something like that, but at least I can try. As of right now I am entering my senior year of college and that will keep me busy taking classes, working on projects, and keeping my grades up so I can graduate in 2018. But I am ready to do just that!

If you want to keep up with me, just follow my other social media accounts, which I have posted on my art pieces. It really does help when it comes with feedback. I'm the most active on Twitter, although that's mainly because I post a lot of stuff on there. It's a cesspool of cringe =w=

Thank you for reading this if you did. Hope you are having a great day and let's make the rest of 2017 totally awesome!
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