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An Update, and some very important Advice

I've been heavily thinking since I've been away from well... this place. I'm working on other, more important projects that are not 'Sexually explicit drawings'.

I'm struggling with various mental health issues. And there's this one health issue I thought I had, which I discovered isn't actually an issue. It's simply a 'Preference'. So now I've thought everything over. Porn, writing, drawing. And realised two very important things in these areas which are not known to most of the world.

Sexual content, can be harmful. People can be forced to do something unwillingly, or even hentai could be traced around existing images or videos of human porn.

Next is consent. The key to every piece of action towards someone or something in existence. Consent is required for sexual acts, violence, and the list is pretty much endless. Hell, you even need consent for offering a cup of coffee if you look at it as 'Permission'.

So this is my advice. Before you act on anything. Ask yourself, does it harm anybody? If it does harm somebody, can they give consent? And your answer will clearly state what you should do.
I'll run you through some examples.

You want to hit someone physically. Does this harm them? Yes, in that case, you need their consent. This person is older than me, but appears threatening. Can they give consent? Yes. You need to ask them for permission to hit them physically. If you don't. You're putting yourself at risk of getting in trouble with the law, and harming somebody who doesn't want to be harmed. Regardless of whether that person is a paedophile, child abuser, woman beater, man beater, or bully. It still requires permission from the person you want to harm.

An example using a person under the age of sixteen when you're seventeen. You want to perform a sexual act on a minor. Does this harm them? Yes. Can they give consent? No. The age of consent is sixteen years of age (For some reason). That person is too young to give consent.

You want to offer someone a cup of coffee. Does it harm them? No. Do they need to give you consent? Yes. That person needs to accept or decline the offer for a cup of coffee.  

You want to adjust your sitting position in the middle of a meeting. Does it harm anyone? No. Does it require anyone's consent? No. But, there is a very tiny case where you may need to ask to adjust your sitting position. Roller coaster rides, etc. As silly as it sounds...

Harm is most often a bad thing. Consent is the permission to do anything with someone or something. If you understand this, good, you're educated on just over half of life.

I say this is important, because you remember when that UK government was going to ban porn? Everyone looked at it and thought 'Pfft, he just doesn't like it, so he's going to do that with everything he doesn't like' and I thought the same. I never actually heard the reason why, but when I was thinking of that, I thought, does porn harm somebody and require consent? That's when the realisation hit me. Yes, it's the internet, people upload ANYTHING THEY WANT. But is this 'Anything' harming somebody or does the somebody even have consent to give its viewers. Because a lot of the time. The porn you see is revenge porn. It's not tagged as revenge. But this is usually somebodies reaction to a break up. They want to hurt their ex's feelings as much as possible and make them meat spank material on the internet. And the ex doesn't know about it. And even though it is all 'Reuploaded' stuff on porn websites now. It's still harmful. Because that somebody needs to give consent to their viewers. As should porn stars. Animals and humans can't always give consent. Humans under the age of sixteen. Cannot at all. Regardless of how you dress it. And animals, are animals. Two animals of the same species having sex is in their nature, but they can't say to a human 'Please, take me' or even express that they enjoy it. Animals don't care for the taste of food, or the pleasure sex can bring. So please, stop fucking animals.

The solution I have for preventing revenge porn from existing or even having anyone harmed. Is to completely wipe all the porn websites of all their content. Then block uploads from guest users. Users who are part of an industry, miss Sally and her ass cheeks like hot air balloons, for example. She is a popular porn star (This is made up by the way) she can upload whatever she wants of herself. As long as she has given consent at the beginning of the video or in the description of whatever is uploaded. Then slowly, guest users can upload, but the content will need to be reviewed. And this is the problem, there's no way to tell an image of someone posing is actually someone who has given consent, permission to be uploaded on a website. So just completely blocking uploads from guest users is the safe way. As for hentai, drawings etc. It's fine as long as it's not traced. You can usually tell this by paying attention to the outline of the drawing. If you recognise what a female's legs look like, on this drawing, that is possibly traced. But don't worry if you can't avoid it. At least you're trying not to harm anybody.

Hence why I removed a page of the comic where I had done exactly that. I deleted all my content because it was poor quality. I actually drew them, I have the files with the layers on for that. The only things worth fapping to is the writing. I might draw something in the future. But right now, I'm busy, and I don't feel up to it. My sex drive has collapsed since I quit porn, but it's for the better. Plus you have fantasies. So if you want to fuck an animal or underage person, do it in your imagination. If you act on it, remember, it's illegal, and you will be seen as a sick person by 'Society'. I do not agree with a lot of what 'Society' or 'The Government' says. I don't even believe 'Society' thinks. It's monkey see, monkey do pretty much. And 'The Government' will often make decisions without thinking

Now that's out the way. I just want to let everyone know I'm doing okay. I know there were concerns over what happened on Deviant Art on my old page. I'm not going back due to the stalker and the harm I could cause my friends. I actually harmed a few friends, mentally, when I quit Deviant Art. Not the people on there, but other people I knew. And because I said harmful things, I've removed everyone from everything and I lock myself away to prevent any more harm coming to anyone. I guess I'm still selfish for trying to keep myself alive. But 90% of my projects involve doing something for someone else.

So I'm sorry for not being active for a while. Once I sort my life out, move out of this crap hole I live in, and possibly get volunteer work or a job, I will start coming here to Inkbunny more often.

Also, I'm putting this out there, I was abused at a young age, and recently I was having flashbacks to an underage female being touched sexually, I cannot identify the female, but it haunts me and I want it gone. I want the monster in that flashback to be punished fairly. And receive help if he wants it. Otherwise he will remain a monster till the end of his days. I have to distract myself by playing video games or working on my projects. It's partly the reason I can't get a job because there's too much going on in my head to be able to do all this + a job.
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