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Kitty Update: To A New Beginning

Well everyone, today is my orientation at the Kalahari.  Of course there's going to be the tour and boring video tapes with cheesy smiles everywhere, but that's expected on what's to come when I'm out there.  Although I'm excited that I'm finally going to get back into working in general, I can't shake the feeling that I'm going to royally flop.  I'm very serious about that statement.

I know an otter friend that use to work at the same place a couple of years back.  I believe it's the same position too.  There was a kid that was wandering around lost.  He went up and asked what was wrong and the kid said that he lost his mommy.  So my friend tagged along and walked with him to find his mother.  Once they spotted her the kid was happy.  Thanks all around and everything until my friend either patted or ruffled his head.  You know the whole big brother-little brother comradely.  The mother suddenly flipped the hell out because he was "abusing" her son and because of that he got fired.

Ranting quote: "Welcome to the United States of Paranoia"
*DDR dances*

Granted, the rules states not to touch the guests in a wrongful manner, simply put, but there will be times where I have to put wristbands on kids hands should I work the registers, securing safety harnesses on the wall climb and ropes course where it located near their ass and chest area...possibly the crotch too of they've messed up putting it on themselves, young women saying that the Laser Tag vests are too tight that their boobs are getting crushed.  Seriously, what if I made a slip on the strap to where I accidentally touch them?  "BLACK MAN SEDUCING ME!!!" Gone.

Another factor is that I'm no longer in retail anymore.  And even though I'm getting minimum wage to start, this is a resort.  This isn't a run of the mill carnival, Six Flags, or an everyday hotel.  It's one of the biggest vacations spots to visit and have fun spring come summer time.  This is high end shit!  This is where the phrase "You represent this company and establishment" really means you represent this company and establishment.

Still, I will have fun working and follow the rules step by step and won't to anything "stupid."  In fact, I'm the kind of cat that loves new challenges.  That being said, I kind of find it funny that I'll probably be the very first black employee in the Kalahari.....even though it's suppose to be African themed. :P  But not to worry, I'm pretty sure their supply of chicken won't go missing.  That and I won't be dressed in African tribal garb with a spear as the resort's mascot. =^_^;=  Anyway, wish me luck everyone.

*Sorry for the race cards being played* :P

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Added: 7 years, 2 months ago
7 years, 2 months ago
Are you kidding me?  They actually fired him for patting a kid on the head?  What kind of BS is that!?  That Mom needs to be slapped.
7 years, 2 months ago
It was because he touched the kid without permission outside the parameters of his job. Trust me I worked at Kalahari, they are that anal.
7 years, 2 months ago
When it comes to the wristbands, a good stock phrase will be, "I need to attach this band around your child's wrist, is that okay or would you prefer to put the band on your child yourself?"

For the straps on the harnesses; "Before I can let you climb the wall, I need to make sure it is securely fastened, I may need to touch you to check the straps, are you okay with that?"

And so on. work out the stock phrases and keep saying them to yourself until you're sick of hearing the words come out of your mouth, then until you're bored of being sick of hearing the words come out of your mouth.  Once you sound like some pimple-faced kid reciting a memorized script because 'the boss yells at us if he catches us not following the script,' then you'll have the right detached tone of voice that will subconsciously say, "I'm just doing this for the money, I don't even CARE how hot/cute the patrons are, I just want to finish my shift and go home."  The more you come across like a flight attendant going through the 'mandatory safety briefing' for the umpteenth time today, the better.

I wouldn't be surprised if the manager also coaches the new hires on 'mandatory safety/liability' briefings that must be done at certain attractions.

Above all, relax and have fun in the brain-numbing, soul-crushing World of Jobs. *fake plastic smile*
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