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and the drama! ugh!

missed the last daily journal...again...sorry...i've got to stop doing them so late at night

ok me and Jess have been friends for a reeeeeaaallly long time. and for a reeeeaaally long time, whenever Jess has some kind of drama, she comes to me.
and tonight is one of those nights. so give Jess some well wishes that she gets through this one (i'm sure she will)

but on a lighter note. i'm having trouble picking my favourite chipmunk impression. they're all so great and funny.
one thing though. i'm looking for chipmunk/ette impressions. so one of the actual characters! but thats my only beef so far.
the competition is still open and i'm wiaitng for a few...certain people to give it a shot (o_o) <---serious face
but i think i'll give it till...sunday at the most. but if you miss your chance i might run the comp again on youtube for that particular market.
BUT dont use that as an excuse to do it later...cause you know you will forget.....(o_o) serious face.

so i started work on the opening song for the show today...and i'm not 100% sure its what i want anymore. it does sound good...but i'm not sure it sounds right. and also i got soooo frustrated with one guitar bit that i started doing bad mario impressions over the top :P
but i'll give it a few more sessions before i decide to can it. it could just be i was in the wrong mood or something.

also...cant believe how much people liked the mlp chipmunk crossover song. i'm not sure whether to be excited or embarrassed. i guess thankful would be the term :p but now the real question of "do i put this on the youtube account" rears its head.
you see, the crowd at youtbe is pretty different from here at inkbunny. not in a good or bad way, they're just...i guess the way to say it would be younger....and more chipmunk dedicated. i dont know how they would react to this crossover...although thinking about it now most of them ARE young girls....they like my little pony riiiiiight??? lol
aaaahhh whatever. if i post it i post it.

but yes. that should do it for this journal. keep posting up your samples. to either this journal or the other one, i dont mind...or even just on my page, just somewhere i can find it.
also on a side thought. if i do run this comp on youtube (which i probably will) i might feature the winner on the video as a sample...soooo yeah...with the winners permission ofcourse ;)

yyeeeeeaaaah. do what i just said for i commandoth it. and stay in school ;)
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