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taking a few requests

will select my favourites

Any canon pony

Please fill;
Specific thing?:
Anthro or Regular?:
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Added: 5 years ago
5 years ago
Heheh, then I will have a go at it.

Who: King Sombra
porn?: no
Specific thing?: doing something extremely evil.... maybe casting an evil spell
Anthro or Regular?: whichever you prefer
5 years ago
Let me try!

Who: Trixie
porn: yed please
Specific thing: doing a magic show
Anthro or Regular: anthro
5 years ago
Who:  Rainbow Dash
Porn:  No (but genitals potentially visible)
Situation:  Starting to put on a Wonderbolts uniform
Anthro/regular:  Regular
5 years ago
Why not

Who: Pinky Pie
porn?: however you like
Specific thing?: Party Party Party
Anthro or Regular? Reg
5 years ago
Who: DJ-Pon 3 alias Vinyl Scratch
porn?: yes
Specific thing?: Using Octavias cello bow and rubbing it over her pussy.
Anthro or Regular?: Regular
5 years ago
Who: Rarity
porn?: Shore
Specific thing?: Showing off her stuff, fabulously
Anthro or Regular?: Regular

'Cause Rarity is best pone
5 years ago

Who: Pinkie pie x Rainbow Dash
porn?: yes~
Specific thing?: Rainbow Dash petplay with Pinkie as mistress and Dash as a pet? :0 maybe kitten ears on XD idk <3
Anthro or Regular?: i would love to see regular but either would be cute <3
5 years ago
Who: Rarity
porn?: Of course, Darling.
Specific thing?: Using a dragon dildo on her lovely vag (maybe gem studded)
Anthro or Regular?: regular of course.

5 years ago
Who: Fluttershy & Big Mac
porn?: Yes
Specific thing?: Her as a batpony, having broken into Big Mac's bedroom to seduce him or Licking his cock while he's sleeping.
Anthro or Regular?: regular preferred, anthro if you feel it works better with the idea
5 years ago
Princess twilight
Porn no
Specific thing: Laying on.the bed in her chambers in a seductive pose winking at the viewer.
Non anthro.
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