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about me!


want to get to know me a little bit?


name: gabrielle (gabby, gabs, etc.)
gender: female..obviously
DoB: 4.7.89 (yes, aries..yes, year of the snake)
current residence: RVA
relationship status: taken. i'm not looking for anything, "on the side." that kind of thing is not ok in my book, so don't ask. ever.

stuff i like to draw: females...more specifically, moe anthropomorphism. don't know what that is? wikipedia is your friend.
what else? fan characters (from your favorite anime, show, etc.), hentai (rape, tentacles, s&m, bondage, sex in general), ecchi, couples (f/f or m/f), fanart (official characters from an existing show/game), character reference sheets.
stuff i won't draw: inflation/fat characters (chubby is ok, FAT is pretty descriptive of itself though..), scat/watersports, extreme gore/guro, vore, cubs/babyfurs+sex of any kind.

will you do requests/trades?: if you ask? no. otherwise, if i like your character, maybe. don't go thinking making nice comments on everything i do or drawing my own characters will make me want to draw yours..because i probably won't.
will you do commissions?: absolutely. i will not haggle or take anything less than what my current prices for commissions are, so don't ask or i'll just refuse you. i also won't waste my time on anything less than $10.

what kind of supplies do you use?:[/b] honestly? not much of anything right now. i've always been fond of using the old-fashioned pencil and paper...but i do have a VERY old tablet. lol commission me and you'll give me a reason to upgrade my equipment.

do you play games?: yes! i have both an xbox360 and ps3 (i'm generally on the ps3 more) and i'm under the name kiwischan. add me if you're feeling up to it :)
do you roleplay?: from time to time..i haven't found an interesting RP in years, however. if you've got one you want to swing by me, i'd be more than happy to take a look.

have any other questions? ask:
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