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Sticks and Stones May Break my Bones, but Words cannot hurt me

I've been thinking about this lately. In 6th grade or something, I was made to go to an 'Anti bullying' seminar. And Dr. Fuckowhitts (name changed to preserve identity) started talking about how the 'sticks and stones' saying was false, and indeed, words could be as harmful, and if not, more harmful than sharp and heavy objects.

This.... pisses me the fuck off. I blame that person, and everyone else who thinks like that, for these kids who committed suicide, and really, most kids who kill themselves. They instill the idea in these kids that the world is a place where people will watch what they say as much as what they hit with a shovel. Absolutely no attention was payed to strengthening the person's self esteem. If you don't want kids killing themselves, make them used to the world as the shitty, fucked up, pisshole that it is. Then they'll be able to go out and shake off whatever shit comes at them. When you're fighting a war, and the enemy is breaking down your defences, you don't call time out and ask them to 'please stop'! If they're breaking down your wall, you put up a bigger fucking WALL!!!

Fuck you all you 'psychologists' and motivational speakers, and thank you for all these dead kids! you fuckholes....

glad that that's out of my system....
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Added: 7 years, 3 months ago
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