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Please take in consideration

So recently I've had gotten a couple of messages regarding my current story: "Blue Reasons"

Most of them were nice reviews and I thank those who took the time to compliment about it

But there namely three of them that... well how do I put this... let's just say they don't like Leo as a bottom.

Which I completely respect that, as everyone has their own liking of who tops and who bottoms. But I want to make something clear, I like Uke/bottom Leo because it's my personal interest. I don't mind that he's a top or the others. Heck I've read a couple of stories that make Mikey a dominant towards his brothers and Donatello top Raph a few times.

And we know that Raph is guff and masculine. And Leo is stoic and composed, especially when it comes to his duties as leader. Both of them are natural dominants I understand that. But like I said I like Uke Leo because it's a personal preface of mine.

So please, if you don't like the story, just don't read it, it's as simple as that. I do accept constructive criticism since that is helpful to my writing skills. What I don't accept is plain hate and trolling on my story without a valid, constructive reason.

Thank you all for reading
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Added: 5 years, 5 months ago
5 years, 5 months ago
I'm so sorry! I've only ever read Blue Reasons here and there must be others commenting at AO3 or some other site right? I personally LOVE uke!Leo so you won't hear any flames from me. I also actually prefer Donnie to top more and many people really doesn't see why he should but yes, like you said, it's a personal preference and even Raph bottoms in a lot of fics out there. Heck, the way I see it, Don and Leo are pretty much versatile in Blue Reasons and that's okay too! Sex between two people in love doesn't have to dictate whether they should or shouldn't top or bottom. It's all about the author's way of understanding their characters and making way for the story. So, I'm really sorry if some people are stupid enough to hate comment on something you prefer. Everyone is entitled to have their thing and this is your thing (it's mine too, so maybe I'm a bit biased xD). But please ignore them, you know they're only upset they can't control the elements in the story. If they want, they should write their own and do whatever they want with it. Hope this won't disrupt your amazing writing! I'll be here to support uke!Leo and Blue Reasons xD
5 years, 5 months ago
Thank you for your kind comment.

Surprisingly it's not happening in AO3 rather here since people will private message me over the matter. I'm not naming those three people but it gets on my nerves that they will bother me about it and how I should change it.

Like no. I'm writing the story because I want to, and I plan to keep it as it is because I'm happy with it and I'm glad that others do enjoy it to.

And as much as I like a uke!Leo, I do believe that he would be a top during sex as well since he cannot exactly give up control completely considering he's pretty much had it throughout his life as a leader and older brother. So in all I like to believe that both Don and Leo would have a healthy companionship of equal sharing.

Lol me and my rambling, but I guess I'm still a little riled up with those messages in general. XD
5 years, 5 months ago
Wow, those people really had the guts to pm you all bcs of that? Yeah, I'm actually quite content with how things are going right now in Blue Reasons. So what if Leo isn't a 100% top? I doubt most real top gay people havent tried bottoming now and then, so really, what's the fuss? It's not like despite Leo who seems like he should be top in any relationship, shouldn't enjoy being pampered and loved and being bottom whenever he wants to xD Ah it's okay, its perfectly normal reaction and readers shouldn't flame or demand bcs welp, you're not doing this for anybody but for yourself! :P
5 years, 5 months ago
totally :)
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