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Stream-Mission Info

THIS JOURNAL WILL REMAIN HERE FOR THE PURPOSES OF STREAM-MISSION SESSION INFORMATION. Refer to this guide whenever I am doing stream-commissions and make a stream announcement notification.

Please read thoroughly because Dreamous and I do not like having to explain rules that are clearly laid out herein!

There is a theme that I adhere to every time I stream. The title of the stream notification will indicate what the theme is.  If the theme is anything but general, there is a $10 fee to bypass the theme in order to be allowed to get anything you want. Otherwise you'd have to follow the theme and get a commission with at least one character pertaining to the theme of the week.

I will be accepting sketch commissions in the stream itself. First come first serve upon your repeating of a specific phrase I say in the stream. So pay attention! Details on how getting a slot in the stream are laid out below.


Quick Draw:

The way "first come first serve works" is explained here. Dreamous or I will say a specific phrase for people to type out in order to determine who goes next in the stream. Simply follow our instructions EXACTLY in the way we lay them out at the time. We may have you say a phrase (correct punctuation and capitalization), solve a SIMPLE math problem, or ask random well-known trivia. We're mixing it up, so stay on your toes!

If it is your turn for a commission please limit your description to 1-2SHORT sentences.You are allowed up to 2 references per character.

You are also allowed to ask for commissions with my characters if you so choose. :3

You cannot win a Quick Draw and then give the slot up to someone else who wants it. If you win the slot, you must either take it, or if you don't actually want it, then forfeit it in which case the person who got 2nd in the Quick Draw will get the slot.



Refer to this pricing guide for all prices: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=147190

Limit of two characters at the maximum, though exceptions will be made on a case by case basis. It is safe to assume that unless you reach a high enough multiplier that only two characters are allowed.

No backgrounds, sorry. But if the situation calls for it, I will draw geometric objects for characters to lean/sit/stand/lay on at no charge

Note: If you ask for color midway through the sketch I'm doing for you, I will ask for an additional $20 instead of $15, so be sure you want color beforehand to avoid that. :)

If you ask for a change in the middle of me working on your picture it will be a $5 charge. Sorry, but this is extremely annoying and slows down my work flow. If the change is neglecting a detail you mentioned or something, then there's no charge. The charge is only for changes for details you didn't mention initially. Be sure you know what you want from the get-go!


I have had to start paying taxes on these commissions I do. Yes, I know taxes are ugly, but we all gotta pay 'em. Based on my state's tax laws I will be asking for an extra 7.75% tax on all commissions I accept. It will be calculated at the time of acceptance of your request!




During the stream I have people "Quick Draw" and see who says a specific phrase first in order to get next in line for a commission. After a person wins the Quick Draw I will ask "Does anyone want to jump to first in line by paying double?"

At this point, if you volunteer to take my offer, you will be given priority as long as you pay double the price for your commission. After the Me First commission is complete, the person who won the Quick Draw before the Me First offer will then have their commission done, and after THAT another Quick Draw round will begin, per usual.

If Me First is called in the last slot of the night, the person who won the Quick Draw will NOT get their commission.  Sorry, but I gotta stop at some point!

In the event of the final commission slot of the night if there is a Me First called and the multiplier rises between two or more people fighting for the spot then I will go with the person who will end up paying more.  For example, this is to prevent cases like a quadruple multiplier for a single character non-colored commission against a tripled two character colored commission.

Third, Fourth and Fifth characters will ONLY be permitted at a consecutively higher multiplier starting at 3x.  For example, if you want a third character, you must triple. If you want four characters you must quadruple.  If you want five characters you must quintuple. 5 characters in one commission is the max, I will not accept anything more.


If by chance the multiplier on a Me First Clause reaches 5x (quintuple) or more, the person winning the Me First Clause with their 5x multiplier or more will get a FREE CHARACTER added to their commission if they so choose (maximum of 5 characters). I will also forgo adding tax!




I will calculate price and ask for payment upon the commission request.

Must be paypal'd to smash.rabbit@gmail.com

Message: In your paypal payment message, include only this:
your FA/SoFurry/Inkbunny UserName : your-preferred-email@whatever.com : Stream Commission

Payment must be received within 10 minutes of me accepting your request, otherwise I will not finish your commission nor send anything out to you, and I will blacklist you from commissions as well as post to the LJ community 'Artists Beware' about you. You've been warned! :D

All sketches will be emailed to the email address included in the paypal payment. If there is no email address included the sketch cannot be sent. So please be sure that if you want your commission sent to the right email address to please provide it in the notes.


Examples of my sketches:







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