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Nothing says "I love you" like a perverted toon animal

Whenever I sweep the floors at my local Walmart, I sometimes stop by the Hallmark card aisles and browse at the many cards on sale.  Some of them are sweet, and others are funny.  However I have noticed that some Hallmark cards that contain perverted innuendos show cartoon animals aka US.  For example I picked up a Valentines Day Hallmark card that showed toon male and female bears which read "A Valentines Day toast: Here's to Valentines, and sweet romance.  Up with kisses, down with pants!".  They even had a Valentines Day card with a toon squirrel that said on the front "Its Valentines Day!  Wanna do something?" and on the inside it reads "I'm something!"

Either they used furries in perverted Hallmark cards because its considered cute, or we have some sex crazed foxes on Hallmark's card making committee...
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Added: 6 years, 12 months ago
6 years, 12 months ago
I don't care who is to blame,
those dirty cards just made me came. :P
6 years, 12 months ago
I have even seen a birthday card that shows a blue colored toon dog on it.  On the front it says "Honey, you don't have to take your birthday laying down.", and when you open it you see a popup bed with the dog under the sheet with a smirk and it reads "unless you want to that is.  Happy birthday!".  They even had a birthday card with a fox on it that the front reads "There are two reasons why I want to spend time with you on your birthday. 1) I love you.", and when you open it you see the fox with popup eyes and his tongue sticking out with it  continuing "2) I've seen you naked!"

Believe it or not, but Hallmark has even came out with valentines cards aimed at gays.  Although they aren't perverted, all the toon animals in them appear to be male couples and are filed under "better half".
6 years, 11 months ago
Awesome!!!  Nothing wrong with gay cards. :) But lol, I would so bed one of those horny toon characters. xD Tee hee hee.

On the off topic, I am a huge fan of Maxine, the grumpy foul-mouthed granny.  Omfg, everytime I'm in the Hallmark store, I make it a mission to read Maxine cards and such. (My calender is a Maxine one this year.)
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