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Mike, Roy, and Cyrus' fun facts.

After seeing
's latest journal on FA, i thought i might as well do something similar due to not having a ref sheet for my three 'Sonas. I may edit it as i think more stuff up.

Maik/Mike's fun facts:

1. His real name is Maikeru Ernest Liengod, so his nickname is actually spelled Maik, but it is still pronounced Mike due to him liking to pretend his name is Michael.

2. Mike is a werepyre (no, didn't steal from Shadow, this was before i started watching her) although you normally wouldn't notice if you didn't already now. His fangs usually DONT hang out, unless he is trying to freak you out.

3. Due to his Vampire side, he does need to consume blood, but thanks to his werewolf side he is able to eat normal food too, so its not very often. He usually only drinks from people who are close to him and don't mind.

4. Even though he IS a werewolf, due to his vampire side he isn't forced to change during the full moon, but he does get a bit wild then. However, he can also enter his werepyre state whenever he wants.

5. He used to be greatly renowned in magic, but due to Cyrus and Roy splitting off from him, he has very little, the only magic him having being the magic used to enter and leave his werepyre state. He still has, however, a large collection of magical artifacts and a large collection of "Orbs" that contain magic for him to use. He is also good at making magic potions, such as love potions, healing potions, poisons, and magical foods.

6. Many people often assume he is a Gray Wolf when they meet him, but he is actually a SILVER wolf. Instead of having Dark Gray and Normal Gray fur, he has Normal Grey and Light Gray/white fur.

7. His eyes have 3 colors, and which color it is in can tell you what his mood is. His normal color is blue, and this is the color it is usually in. He also has a Golden color eyes that he gets when he gets thirsty, or enters his "Bloodlust" state (see below). The golden eyes also appear when he turns werepyre. If he is both in his bloodlust state AND in his werepyre form, the eyes are instead a blood red.

8. Mike has a bloodlust state where if he sees, smells, or tastes blood, he hungers for it and thinks of nothing else until his thirst is satisfied. Although this doesn't normally drive him to feed, if he enters it from thirst, he may go on a rampage where he can drain numerous people dry.

9. Turn ons: Fluffy tails, Fluffy chest fur, Red, silver, and white fur, pink pawpads (much to his chagrin), and long tongues.

10. Turn offs: Rudeness, Being yelled at, being treated roughly by anyone he hasnt giving permission to do so.

11. Mike has actually been a Yellow cat and a Red fox, which may explain his eye color shifts. He has also existed in two timelines, and if you add the age he was in that timeline to the current one, he would be 59 years old. Currently however, he is 19, and looks it.

Roy's Fun Facts:

1. Roy is actually Mike's physical alter ego, representing himself while he was a red fox. He looks exactly like Mike did then, with average red fox markings, except for a darker red color.

2. Roy Got Mike's werewolf side, turning into a werefox. At the full moon he is forced to change, but he doesn't usually do anything then, so no big worries.

3. Roy also got Mike's taste for food and potions, and is a decent cook. He doesn't do it as much as Mike does, but when he needs to, he enjoy sit.

4. Roy's name comes from Mike's brother, Troy's, name. This is because Mike was never closer to Troy then when he was a fox.

5. Roy also got Mike's loyalty and kindness, and between him and Cyrus, he is the nicer and more calm of the two.

6. Roy smells like peaches, due to a combination of the shampoo he uses and a mishap with a magical ingredient called Fluer.

7. Ironically, Cyrus smells like Strawberries, a red fruit, while Roy smells like Peaches, a yellow-ish fruit.

Cyrus' Fun facts:

1. Like Roy, Cyrus is one of Mike's physical Alter Ego. However, Cyrus is more like Mike then Roy is due to how long Mike spent as a cat.

2. Despite being a Cat, Cyrus does not like Milk OR Tuna (ironically that when to Roy)

3. Cyrus got Mike's mischievous and prankster side, and often pulls jokes and pranks on people he loves.

4. Cyrus got Mike's Vampire side, and as such, does need to feed, although its usually on Roy.

5. No one, not even Mike, really knows where Cyrus' name came from, but it probably worked just cuz it starts with a C.

6. Cyrus is the closest of the three to Genesis, (which i cant elaborate on who that is cuz he appears in my story)

7. Cyrus also got Mike's temper, and can often get upset and fly off the handle. Ironically though, he also got Mike's romantic side.

If yo have any questions, ill be sure to try and answer them =3
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