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Ok what happened 0_0

So like any good American money worshiping capitalist, I like money, and I like buying things with said money. I'm a good cog in this economic machine trying to desperately chug along though it's creator hasn't come and oiled its nuts in quite some time so it squeaks when it fucks.

I'm a capitalist. i swear.

But in my hazy sleep deprived stumbling about to find shiny new things to spend my hard earned bank notes on, I realized... the games industry aint shit anymore D:
I see big titles like Modern warfare whateverthefuck and Battlefield POS, alongside games like saints row the third, RAGE, bla-de-bla-de-fuckin bla. Nothing seems to catch my eye anymore.
I used to really be into Halo, then Call of Duty 4, then Modern warfare 2, then i leave for a few years to discover my faggoty artsy furry sewlf, and i come back.... same! DAMN! FUCKING! THIIIINNNG!

Last game i truly got hooked on was Fallout 3. That game was amazing. The story was believable, the style was unique. I was sucked in. I didn't have to listen to any podcasts to get any enjoyment out of my deliberate procrastination and wasting of my ever dwindling time that i'm on this damn planet.

Now just fuck all has come out... Dead island is ok... LIMBO was a nice juicy orgasm, but other than that... meh.

Really disappointed. Is it my unwillingness to go with the flow? or am i just not that big into video games anymore? Maybe it has something to do with there not being enough graphical improvement over the years. Maybe the next generation of consoles needs to come out so everything will be up to date, so devs can start coming out with shinier games. I don't know.....

rrgh don't even get me started on the PS ViTA though.... piece of fucking shit.
Maybe I should buy a gamecube, and dust off my n64, or my SNES, and remember the days where gaming was FUN and free. something that i looked forward to at the end of the day because i loved it so much. I remember playing the original super smash bros till my thumb was literally raw. there's nothing like that eger feeling i used to have anymore though.

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Added: 6 years, 12 months ago
6 years, 12 months ago
lol and shut up about skyrim. lol It looks boring. And dragons aren't for killing they're for.... hehe... riding ^^
6 years, 12 months ago
i gave up on video games (except for Sonic, Crash and Sly) around about 1995 and I still see artists and cartoonists writing about modern games and satirizing everything that I got tired of back then.  So, no.  Very little change in the industry since...well...it's inception.  Except that the graphics are better.
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