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Wow that didn't suck

First off too things.  One My hammer came back,  all nice and spikey  I'm so happy  this ones in pretty good shape.   Secondly my rabbit valley shipment came in today and while I haven't read most of the new books I did read Genus Male,  and it didn't suck.  I mean Genus male has really gone down hill in the last few years  I mean the 10 was mostly just a book pin ups  but this one had some entertaining stories.   The first one had some good action, was well drawn and had some good visual gags and the last one was a giggle fest about an internet genrated gay sex sprite who spent the whole comic speaking in memes and game term,  it was kinda like a gaysex thunder lol cats.

okay now onto the main reason I wanted to post.  

I might have a way to get my own place soon.  It'll be a house all to my self, kinda out in the boonies.  I won't have to pay to live there, or pay for electric or heat.  I most likely would have to pay for other utilities.

The thing is I'd be living there so it wouldn't look suspicious to have people periodically visit.   My step dad and a friend would be using another part of the property to produce an herbal substance that the government frowns on.  

I would have nothing do do with the business other then living there with a big dog to keep people from snooping.  But I also understand it could be potentially dangerous,  I mean I could get arrested at the very least,  which now that I think about it with the cub porn and shota art I have could be really scary

so what do you think would it be a good risk for a place of my own,  a big dog, and a couple of kittens?
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Added: 7 years, 5 months ago
7 years, 5 months ago
7 years, 5 months ago
sorry hit enter to fast
7 years, 5 months ago
I would be VERY careful hun I dont want to hear that my fav writer has been arrested
7 years, 5 months ago
Well, from a legal stand point. If the property is in your step-dad's name and you live in the front most "non-herbalized" area then you have plausible denial of the herbs and no real legal grounds to convict you. Now if you do accept this offer from your step-dad get him to put your house and his area as separate lots. That way if he gets searched they would require a separate search warrant for your property. In addition IF you do get searched fully read the search warrant, if it does not specifically mention the computer or it's files then they cannot take it.

The line that would allow them to take might read as follows:
"seizure of communication devices and data including cell phone(s), Computer(s), and laptop device(s)."
7 years, 5 months ago
I don't know, that's a pretty steep risk. I wouldn't even consider it unless you are having considerable trouble paying your bills.
7 years, 5 months ago
i'd say it all depends on how big a chanse the cops will show up.
if you feel uneasy about it and have doubhts if it will be a good place, i say no. Dont. It's super nice u dont have to pay rent and electrical bill. But risking to go to jail might not be worth it.
Im sure it would be a good place for your kittens and dog tho.
And i agree with fscribe.
If you do choose to live there, may i suggest you get yourself an encrypted USB stick or hard drive. One that they can not access unless they know your super long password. If they try to reset the password those things usually delete everything that is on it.
So you could have some privacy and feel a little safer.
7 years, 5 months ago
I would say yes, move out there. Having a place of your own would be great, BUT, the fact that big brother might be stopping by could put you into a little bit of a pickle. But if you approach the situation with a bit of planned security in mind, you will be fine.

Things to think about....

1. Do not use removable media for your porn.
Why? CDs and USB Flash drives, and external hard drives, store data in an open format that can easily be read, and even if data has been deleted off of them, it can still be recovered to some extent. While you can encrypt USB Flash drives and external hard drives, your best bet is to keep all your data in ONE spot, and lock that spot down so only you can get to it. P.S. if you're going to erase data, use a 3rd party application that will destroy the data, not just delete it. Search google for "Eraser".

2. Use strong passwords and/or pass-phrases for everything!
Why? So it cannot be brute forced. Lets look at a typical 8 character passwords using only letters. that is 208,827,064,576 possible combos to guess. A powerful enough computer can brute force that in an hour, no problem. Now we add into it, caps and lower case, and numbers, now that's 218,340,105,584,896 combos. Now we're talking the need of super computer levels to crack within reason. Now take a pass phrase that is 30 characters long, that has caps, lower case, numbers and special characters. Then you've got something that not even CHINA could crack. ;)

3. Don't leave your computer open!
Why? Because it's like leaving your front door wide open so anyone can walk in! Don't sleep mode so when you open the lid you're back at your desktop without needing to input the password. If you're not at the computer, lock it it takes 1.3 seconds to lock your computer by using the shortcut "Windows Key" + "L".

4. If you use wireless, don't broadcast the SSID and encrypt it.
Why? IF big brother is going to do any kind of a raid upon you, you better believe they are going to do recon on you first. That means they will sit half a mile away from you in a van, point an omni directional antenna toward your land, and pick up any RF broadcasts. That means radio, cellular, cordless phone, and 802.11 WiFi. Wireless is great, but it's not so great when you allow others to use it without authorization. There is plenty of information on the internet to explain to you, how to, with your brand of router, to set it up so that 1, it does not broadcast the SSID of the network, 2, to setup WPA2 encryptions, and 3, to setup a MAC access list, so that only devices you own and approve of can connect to your network, if they know the SSID and the encryption key.

5. This is the BIG one, listen carefully... "ENCRYPT EVERYTHING!!!"

99% of the computers owned by average people, laptops, desktops, do not encrypt their hard drives. That means I don't need your password to access your files. What I do is, I take the hard disk out of your computer, I put it into my computer as a secondary drive, and boom, I bypass ALL the security you have in place.

But when you encrypt the hard disk, known as WDE (Whole Disk Encryption) I can't take your hard drive and put it into my computer and see anything, accept a jumbled mess of random 1's and 0's. The reason why, is because when you have WDE on your drive, before the computer will even boot up, you have to enter in the password / phrase so it can start reading the encrypted data.

The program I suggest using is one called TrueCrypt!

What makes this a good program is:

1. It is 100% free

2. You can have 3 layers of encryption, not just one layer which could be cracked given enough time and effort, but 3 layers. Much harder to break.

3. You can setup hidden partitions on your drive to hide "extra sensitive" materials with even more layers of encryption on top of what runs on the hard disk.

4. It is straight forward and easy to use, and explains the encryption schemes so you don't have to be a techno wise to understand it all.
7 years, 5 months ago
I disagree with 1) - if you're using truecrypt to encrypt the whole device, there should be no problem with removable media. There have been questions raised about the deletability of removable devices, but

2) I agree strongly: the key term here is "pass phrase", rather than "pass word". You can also go further. It's a good idea to have a keyfile, too - this is just a file that you need to have present (from a removable media, ideally). Can be a jpeg of your pet or whatever, but without that, it can't be unlocked. That way, people need to both know your password, *and* have your thumbdrive or whatever, to unencrypt. So a keylogger on your system won't be sufficient to break in.

3) Truecrypt has the ability to dismount the drives when you lock the screen. That's worth doing.

4) Ideally, all your communications should be secure, wifi or not. Avoid plaintext http transmission and stick to https wherever possible: inkbunny is one of the few sites that gets this absolutely right. Some others you can "fix" with the EFF's "HTTPS Everywhere" plugin for firefox.

5) is once again spot on. However, depending on your jurisdiction (UK, possibly the US according to recent rulings that may yet be overturned) you may be required to surrender the passwords on demand.

There is also no truly secure system. The best defense is not to be the low hanging fruit - which is essentially what necroboy's advice covers.

But for that to work, you also need to not be the juicy fruit that is worth expending more effort to reach (eg a drug-producing, child-porn-producing fruit: cub art is counted as child porn in some jurisdictions). If people really, really want to find you then they could have various loggers installed on your machine, or at your ISP, or whatever.
7 years, 5 months ago
My previous post was 3999 characters >.< LOL! I hope this information helps you out. And if you're thinking maybe this is too much, I mean surely someone like the F.B.I. could get past these measures... have a look at this...

7 years, 5 months ago
Be careful. Don't let yourself get used by others for their crimes, then used as the scapegoat. Neither your step dad nor the friend are willing to have it growing in their house, but they are totally willing to have you be their fall guy. What's the upside of the deal for you, here? There isn't one that I can see.

Would they still be eager to do this if you asked them to sign something accepting blame if you get raided? No? Then they are USING YOU.
7 years, 5 months ago
actually the friend does grow at his place he has a very nice set up from what step dad says.  It'll all be in other the freinds name and I think if I did go through with it I might ask them to sign something too but I doubt it'll happen my step dad gave mom a veto on it
7 years, 5 months ago
OK, that does sound slightly less usey, but still... I'm scared for you :(
7 years, 5 months ago
don't be scared

looks like nothing is gonna happen after all
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