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Dragon Lore

Hi all

well I'm working on a story one thats going to feature dragons.   So I wanted to work on the dragons I'd be using.  I developed way more stuff for my dragons then I'll be able to fit into the story and had fun developing them so I thought I'd post the lore here.

These dragons are of the winged, four legged variety, they come in a variaty of colors from colors, and a dragons color doesn't have any meaning beyond his scale's hue.  the average adult dragon is about 40 feet  long with a bout 10 feet of that tail and 5 for the neck.   These dragons don't have a spoken language  but are very intelligent.  It is speculated they are almost as smart as folk, and some will say they are smarter.  Most dragons despite the rumors do not attack folk or ther herds.  They have learned that this causes no small amount of trouble.  That being said if hunting is scarce farmers have neen known to lose a herb beast or two.

Despite there reptilian appearance they are warm blooded but there body temperature is lower then that of most creatures.  They can breath fire as a defense mechanism,  when threatened or attacking something they don't want to eat a pair binary venom glands begin secreting.  When the dragon breaths out at it's target the venom's mix and combust.  The venom also tends to cling so rather then a straight flame it’s more like napalm.  A dragons wings are leathery like a bats and though they are the same color as the scales the leathery skin is usually a darker shade.  The dragon sheds it's scales once every five years with the new scales growing in as the old ones fall out,  this is a rather itchy sensation while the old scales are still in and dragons have been reported rubbing on anything from rocks, to trees to one poor farmers feed barn in order to work the old scales lose and scratch there itch.  there heads are broad with a horned crest and a tapered snout.  Also unlike reptiles they don't have internal testicles.  Males testicles are rather loosely scaled mounds between there hind legs.  this allows for the dragon to regulate there temperature in a why similar to a mammals maintain temp for sperm production.  If dragon is cold the muscles flex and the scales tighten to keep in body heat,  If its hot the muscles relax an the scales lift away from the body letting the heat radiate off them.  The penis is concealed by a slit, and when aroused the adult males may be as large as 5 feet from base  to tapered tip.  

Dragons mate for life have a ten year breeding cycle, and both parents care for the young.  the Gender of the hatchlings is dependent on the temperature of the eggs at a critical point in there development.  A higher temp means the offspring will be male, lower female.  Because of this it is not unusual to have a whole clutch born as a single gender.   Hatchlings tend to stay with the parents for ten years until there first mating season, when they leave to make room for the new clutch.  Young dragons don’t often mate in that first season due to the fact that they need to establish there own territory, and have not fully matured yet.  This is the most dangerous time in a dragon’s life as they are on there own, and if an older dragon feels it’s territory is threatened they will not hesitate to attack the intruder.  Once a dragon meet’s its mate the weaker submissive partner abandons there territory to defend there partners territory.  The submissive partner stays with the egg, and hatchlings protecting the lair while the stronger partner hunts and protects there territory.

While this covers most dragons there are also two subsets of dragon behavior.  Bachelors and Spinsters.   Despite the connotations this is not used to describe unmated dragons.  These are used to refer to dragons of a homosexual nature. While there mating rituals are different, domestically they are similar to there heterosexual counter parts.  Both types also have strong parental instincts.  While males can’t lay eggs the submissive Bachelors will attempt to sneak into the territory of other dragons and will steal eggs if they can.   Because of this dragons in territories near a bachelor will examine there eggs looking for any possible imperfections.  They set these soured eggs aside in a way that might let any bachelor  find this one first.   Its assumed to be safer to let the possibly defective egg be stolen rather then risk a fight that could damage the rest of the clutch.   Spinsters on the other hand have Super-normal clutches.  This is because both partners lay there eggs.  In most cases though these eggs are not fertilized.  Occasionally a spinster may come across a young male with out territory during a heat year and could bully him into mating thus bringing a fertilized clutch into the Spinsters lair.  Spinsters are also vulnerable to Cuckoos in the form of wyverns.  Wyvern s are opportunistic and will try to lay there egg in a dragons nest.  Its easier with spinsters because wyvern eggs are 1/4th the size of a Dragon’s and they lay 3 times as many so they can hide easer in the larger clutches of spinsters.  The wyvern eggs hatch in half the time of a dragon,  the small wyverns will then attack the nearest egg eating the still developing dragon before “hatching” a second time.  Wyvern’s resemble dragons and the dragons will raise the cuckoo’s for about a year until the wyverns move off on their own
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Added: 7 years, 3 months ago
7 years, 2 months ago
It'll be interesting to see how this stuff colors and permeates the story itself.
7 years, 2 months ago
thanks I hope I dont disappoint,  I have fun building my worlds but can never fit everything into the story but I'm proud of my Ideas .  oh well and thank you

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