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Tablet Troubles and Paying for Procrastination

I've had an Intuos Pro Medium for about a year and 4 months now, and it's definitely served me really well. But people seem to have had problems with the USB port that the cable for the tablet plugs into coming loose, and unfortunately, that problem struck me recently. So until I find some solution, I can't draw anything else digitally. This is further complicated by the fact that I've been working hard the past week to steamroll through a project. Last year I posted part 1 of a series of pictures of Stitch and Angel, titled "Burnin' Love." The series was supposed to have 8 parts total that I wanted to finish for June 26th- 6/26, also known as Stitch Day. Unfortunately I only finished the one, and even after that I was unsatisfied with the result. So I've worked the past couple of weeks to re-do them for this year's Stitch Day, and now that it's come...my bad work habits have kicked me in the butt. I still only have sketches. They all look much better than last year's, but they're still just sketches. I want to go through and finish them for real this time, but I'd feel bad if I don't post anything. Should there be any interest in the first couple of sketches being posted, I would be glad to offer that.

I also made eight more sketches last year for the same occasion- a series I titled "Jailhouse Rock," featuring Bonnie and Clyde from the animated series that Angel was also from. I could also post some of the first sketches of that, though it takes a bit longer to get spicy, so I'd either have to post more or the payoff wouldn't be as good for you guys. Plus I didn't redo the sketches since I was pretty happy with them, so the lines are thicker and they're not as clean overall. [that and I never filled in the background on the last couple] In any case, what I do depends on you guys. Do you wanna see some of the sketches or just wait until I can finish them all up? Whatever happens, I hope I can get to putting out art more regularly when I resolve my tablet troubles.

Hope to hear back from you guys asap. Happy 6/26!
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Added: 5 years, 3 months ago
5 years, 3 months ago
Sorry to hear about your Tablet troubles.  Hope it gets resolved quickly.

I personally would love to see the sketches. :)
5 years, 3 months ago
Thought that's what people would go for. Alright, I'll try to get some up today, though first I'd like to try and use an old tablet to fix up the ones I drew last year.  Unfortunately pressure sensitivity doesn't work, so I'll have to kinda mess with settings myself a bit more to make the result look nice.
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