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I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. Okay maybe she is..

I have to love people..... some people that is and for some reason I am some crazy people magnet. I met some chick awhile ago, and people that knew her said to me she was crazy but I am not one to judge unless I know the person myself.

What really went down here is when she picked a fight with my friends. She is having animal troubles you see…. She has no job and is begging furs to give her money left and right. When she asked one of my best friends for some money, he wouldn’t provide it.

He simply suggests giving up on the animal(s) to a better home. That is where she went bat shit, and yelling at my friends that how her animal(s) will be put down cause they are too old to be adopted, ect ect ect.

I know she is bullshitting…. Spiked and I raised KOI fish till they are too big (and I am talking about almost 2 ft long too big) and there are still pet shops that accept them. Asking these the pet shop owner, there are plenty of pet shops that accept animals, a few weeks old such as puppies to old birds…

But to make peace with her I told her I would donate some money…. Up to $300 but around this time is when I found a car and told her to wait…. Decent cars are expensive. I am not going to lie I was working my ass off to pay off for my own set of wheels. I told her this and told her money was going to be tight. But no she still begs me “Where is my money? Where is my money!”

And every time she asks I get so pissed off that I say this in my head “Your money?! This is my money I sweated for! That is $300 and you are lucky I am not asking for a blow job in return! Because there is two things I refuse to pay for and that is water and pussy!”

While all at the mean time, I pointed her to job sites and the holidays was drawing near fast! What is a better time to find a quick job. I am not going to lie she is a pretty gal from the pictures she showed me of her when things were cool between her and I. I know retail shops like AmberCrombie, Aeropostal,  Hollister, Gilly Hicks, Pac Sun, Banana Republic, American Eagle, Buckle, Journeyz and many more will hire her.  They need pretty girls and handsome guys. I KNOW THEY DO.

Her excuse: Some jobs are too far or she tried applying and has not heard anything from where she applied. I understand the economy is tough but I quote what she said to me.

“I applied to over two hundred places.”

Really now? Two Hundred? Is prostitution somewhere in there? Please say so because that is really sound like you just made it up…. I heard people applying for 10-50 jobs and get hired, but 200 and no results?

And we had a fight; she called ME out that I used her …. When I asked for nothing and offered her help to begin with by giving her tips and tricks on landing a job that I learned in career and home economic classes.  I didn’t even meet the girl face to face…

A few months later, she sends a message to me…..

“wanna say sorry bout how i acted awile back, not who i am now.. i understand if you want nothing to do with me.”

Damn Straight Woman! You are a WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction)
Especially to your friends, but if you are sincere, eh I am willing to give people another chance…

Now she flipped on me again, because I pulled a prank on a friend once. He gave me permission to log onto his Second Life account to work on some stuff of his. SO I decided to be funny.

I didn’t take money…. I didn’t delete anything, I didn’t sabotage I did nothing harmful. All I did was take a picture of my avatar and his looking like they was having a grand time in bed…. Wink wink nudge nudge if you don’t get the point. I didn’t altered anything….

But he made is a big ass deal saying I Raped him…. Yeah I talked to him on the phone and I quote

“You raped me Silver!”

<.<……. . >.>

Lets look up the definition of RAPE shall we?

rape [reyp] noun, verb, raped, rap·ing. noun The unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.

Lets look up Duress....

Duress [doo-res, dyoo-, door-is, dyoor-] noun compulsion by threat or force;

So I didn't force, he gave me permission to be on his account... and how can you rape something made of pixels? And if it is a crime to "rape" pixels? Then I should be a wanted man how much I "rape" in Halo Reach and Call Of Duty MW 3. Hell! Every video game player should be a wanted man if he wants to state that!

And he goes on a long rant how his avatar means so much to him and how he is lonely and how pixels mean more to him than our friendship. This guy has fucked up priorities I kid you not.

He went through a break up last year and I was his crying shoulder for 3 months…. He will not stop talking about it with me. I am trying to be the good guy here and stick with it and be there for my friends. He never once shared a smile with me and instead scolded at me when I try to bring jokes up to lift the mood.

But 3 months I was getting sick of it but one day I caught him…laughing and trading funny stories with his other friends.

This guy is bitching about me logging into his account when I had permission and play a friendly prank… and yet for 3 months I dealt with his depressive ass and taking his spoonful of his bullshit.

As Baird says in Gears of War….: “Anybody else’s Bullshit detector just go off?!”

Now the girl takes his side saying what I did was fucked up.

The girl: the truth is you loged into ****'s account and raped it? sereously? thats fucked up, took pics and uploaded it to FA huh, and i do member that day you uploaded them so you cant lie bout that
Silverlonewolfl: I done a lot of things a lot worst then that and that dude needs to grow up. He gave me permission to log into his account and betrayed me.
The girl: dude you RAPED his avatar, your a fuck up
The girl: damn well know its wrong boy
Silverlonewolf: If people are gonna bitch about pixels getting raped while country governments are shooting their own civilians, the Militia are starving children and killing their parents off and slavery still exist then **** got fucked up priorities. That is why I do not see it as a big deal.

What are you opinions as the reader in this?
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
Im going to keep it short and say. The bitch is indeed crazy. I know people exactly like her, asking for money all the time saying they have nothing yet they afford xboxlive gold and fast food all the time.
But as for the secondlife account, Id say you did indeed do wrong. Rape is a bit strong but useing his account for sex (you dident say if it was with your account)... Well that would have pissed me off too. Not as much as him obviusly but atleast a few day of being pissed.
So thats my opinion on it.
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