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Applications for Nir's Free Art

As the title says, this is a list of five applications to Nir's Free Art:

Okay, I'm letting four of my MLP FiM OC's apply:

Lieutenant Commander Colin Necrocyte
, a confident stallion working for the Sharaeyan Military. Careful, he's heterosexual. He has no problems participating in an orgy, as long as other guys stay away from his genitals and orifices. Also vastly prefers ponies, or at least other equines, but I bet he'll make a little exception, should you actually choose him.

Caretaker Careen Yolkspyre, a timid and easily embarrassed nurse that works in the local clinic and, well, takes care of the young and the newborn patients. There is little she will not like in sex: She is no masochist or sadist, and, in fact, hates both feeling and inflicting pain with a passion. Thus, she will not participate in S&M. She has no moral objections to consenting adults doing it together, though. And she will refuse to ingest any kind of excrement.
She does not care what she has sex with, as long as she likes the personality behind it. Treat her nicely, if you should choose her.

Microcircuit, a complete and utter NERD that knows shit about computers that I wouldn't dream of ever knowing. She is not timid, at least most of the time, and has no problems participating in anything that Careen would agree to. Except watersports and scat, which Careen would say yes to (after some convincing), but Circuit would always refuse. Don't draw her with a blush, I've never seen her blush in my life. Not even while screwing her. (Okay, okay, I have seen her blush, but that was a long time ago, okay? Sheesh, don't be so nitpicky. That's my job!)

Aaaand, of course, none other than the amazing royal weapons engineer himself, Turning Gear! Just as big a nerd as Circuit, and also her boyfriend, this guy knows shit about physics, math and the arcane arts. Not normally a shy one, but he suddenly becomes real quiet when his non-heterosexual tendencies are discussed. He is a bisexual, but was raised in a rather homophobic society, and some of that conditioning is still stuck in that adorable brain of his. Blushes only a little when heterosexual sex is discussed or done, but becomes beet red whenever gay, anal or similar "faggot"-stuff are brought up. Really likes it up his ass, or in his mouth. Is turned into a girl frequently because he knows a certain perverted demigod. ;P

So, I think I'm also going to apply, myself. I'm the Horrible and Unfathomable Rosethorn Larana'Khash, Abominationslayer of the Knights of the Church of Ith'Nyeargh. I do not blush during sex, and I like almost anything, meaning I like most of the same stuff as miss Yolkspyre.

I'm giving permission to use us in the artwork in question, but bear in mind that use does not equal abuse. DO NOT FORCE US TO DO THINGS WE HATE.

That is all.
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