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A Public Apology To everyone I Pissed Off

Dcrest13 is right, I have been a very bad person. I’m not going to beat around the bush or lie anymore, this is a public apology to everyone pissed off over the years! I am not looking for forgiveness. I’m not looking for friends. All I’m looking for is a second chance in this world, I know I did wrong to everyone in the ferry community. From harassment, death threats, sexual threats, identity theft, stealing, and lying. I’m not sure how many of you are going to read this but whoever reads this phase reborn get in tell your followers to reblog it, so the message can be said. The message being that I am sorry for causing so much problems in everybody’s life

To Tails_N_Doll, Tails was the man who gave me my first picture and I kept annoying the shit out of him begging for mayor and didn’t stop until he had a breakdown and told me to fuck off, i’m sorry to the damage I did to you Tails. I am sorry Tails_N_Doll

To Oystercatcher7, my first partner online I kept harassing you and stocking you asking for more pictures of nonsense that now I see were completely inappropriate and completely stupid but I didn’t stop until you lost it on me and told me t die. I am sorry Oystercatcher7.

To Aeothegreat, I am sorry for harassing you and stocking you choose to become my friend I ruined your chances on FA forever, if it’s all the same to you I will do anything to go back in time to fix that mistake so you would stay on the website forever. I am sorry Aeothegreat,

To Anti_Dev, I am sorry for ruining your actions by placing fake bets trying to get free art out of you and then stocking you and harassing you over that. I should’ve never done that I was such an idiot at the time and it was wrong for me to do that to you in front of everyone. I am sorry Anti_Dev

To Kumbartha, you were generous enough to give me a picture in return for story. Then I ruined your trust by begging for more and demanding for more. Leaving me to harass you it was very wrong for me to do that. I am sorry Kumbartha.

To Archangelduskanddawn, after you tried defending your boyfriend to protect him from me. I harass you stock you and even sent you inappropriate notes. For that I should be in prison and I wish I was too. I am sorry Archangelduskanddawn

To Lechevalier, you were trying to defend your two friends that would led me to insult you and harass you. Looking back I wish you were one of the people I never started a war with because I was gonna lose it matter what, I am sorry Lechevalier

To AeriaQuies, A man that when I met for the first thing I tried doing wen I met him was ripped him off for a picture. After that incident and many others we slowly became acquaintances. I only wish that I didn’t start harassing them first before we became more acquainted with each other. I am sorry AeriaQuies

To Aaron, in all respects a great artist and what do I do the first time he ever does a YCH I try ripping him off then when he got into Patron and his mailing pictures I tried ripping them off too. It’s wrong for me the rip a man off just because he’s getting eating money. I am sorry Aaron.

To Wiipal, Wiipal was my first boyfriend. If you’re in the world you should treat them with respect unlike me though. I treated my love with disrespect and abuse no one should have to deal with this pain suffering and now I wish I was more responsible and nice to this person. I am sorry Wiipal.

To ZabithWolf, you just wanted me out of your life forever but I never listen to you that’s why you went down the pathway to get rid of me forever, if I never started this in the first place we wouldn’t be here right now I’m not talking about the apology letter I’m talking about you and me becoming enemies. I am sorry Zabithwolf.

To Dcrest13, this man to me is an icon of themselves. Him and I share the same interest deep down but I ruined it. Him and I could’ve had a perfect friendship in the future but instead I stocked him harassed him and many unspeakable things that it’s too hard to list here. DC you see if you get this I want to let you know I am very sorry for everything I’ve ever done to everyone including you. I am sorry Dcrest13.

I know there are many many many more names I’m forgetting on this apology last. I don’t remember all the people I ruined. But to anyone who is reading this or you are wanting to listen to my story, I am sorry for even becoming a thing.

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