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Bone to pick

You know, it irks me on how divided we are as a fandom.  I know sure, we all have different opinions (I have my own); but other fandoms have learned to co-exist despite having conflicting views.  They have learned to get along in peaceful brotherhood with their fellow man within the group in which they all share an interest.  We could do this too.  So why don't we?

The answer is simple my friends- conflicting interests in porn and fandom lifestyles.

Take for example cub furs- those cute little tykes with the adorable eyes and adventurous nature that love to explore new things.  The little guys the make you go "Awwww.... they're so cute! 83 ".  However, some members of the fandom seem to despise these guys and want nothing more than to see them get punt over a fence because there is porn of them.

"Cub furs need to be run out of the fandom because they make us look like child molestors! *spasms*"

Yeah... and whacking off to a pic of a fur being hung by the neck is perfectly fine. ~_~

And also, some furs can't stand the fact that there is porn of feral and anthropomorphic furs having sex with one another; or feral and anthropomorphic furs having sex with human partners.  This seems to get most people steamed.

"We don't need this in the fandom either!  People will start thinking that we have sex with animals! *spasms more*"

And getting your jollies off to a fur having their guts torn out, or being eaten alive must be proof that you're pretty damn normal... ~_~

I have my thoughts on certain porn themes.  However, I don't go around declaring those who happen to like those themes should be flayed.  I just simply ignore the themes I dislike, and continue on with my life polishing my love rod to the themes that appeal to me.  Its that simple.

We all have our likes and dislikes.  We all have our own lives.

So the next time you come along a porn theme that doesn't turn you on, just remember that you have your life, keep you mouth shut; and continue on with that life.  It is so damn easy.  And if all else fails, just abide by the golden rule "If it is something you don't like, then don't look at it".  Do this, and we'll get along fine.
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Added: 8 years, 7 months ago
8 years, 7 months ago
lol people think we wanna fuck animals BECAUSE OUR PORN DOES INVOLVE ANIMALS

and if you can justify that fucking a furry ISN'T bestiality because its not a "real" animal

the we can sure as hell justify that cub porn ISN'T child pornography because its not a "real" child
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