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BronyCon report and other con plans for the year

BRONYCON January 2012

BronyCon in short was an overall fun experience for me.  May hit the next one in July (www.bronycon.org for the curious).

In long, the staff did what they could, but they had a lot to learn from this con... The hotel was great for location but there is a reason Hotel Pennsylvania out of 800 reviews had most be 1 star ratings. ONLY for the location. Our room was quite a letdown compared to how the main lobby looked vs what the rest of the hotel was like. Behind our bed frame there was a record size circle of black wet mold (got pics to prove it with stahi and brigadierwolf), heat that was only full blast or off, no wifi, etc. It was made in 1919, but can tell the owner has skimped where they can.

The con itself was good except for two big problems: how registration was handled, and how con was laid out.  In their defense it was their first big con, and having 3 voice actors and an interview in Skype with the main musician made their attendance go well over 3 times what they had before.  600 people preregistered, 100+ came last second who didn't.  they had the line for registration start 10am and events start 10:30....

The line didn't end until like 2pm from what I heard, and that's a bit ridiculous heh. The L-shape pattern of the entire con was also rough because to get to the ballroom where the panels were, is at the end of the L. near the corner is where the voice actors were for autograph singing so there was a long line there.. the rest of the space was for vendors and artists. So it was a cluster-fuck to get anywhere and not have claustrophobia kick in (and it did for me multiple times making me sick and have to leave).

But aside from those two major issues, the con was a great fun experience for me, and an eye-opener to fandoms and cons away from furry.  I have grown a lot of respect to the voice actors and musicians of the show. They are awesome incredibly nice people.  And the fans showed their love back to them and was received well.  


As of last night, I got registration complete for Furry Weekend Atlanta (first time going) and FurFright. Hotel settled for FWA, and put in time off for Wed-Mon of that con.  Besides those two I do plan to go to MidWest FurFest and possibly FA:U if that's going on (I missed the last one).  AnthroCon is very low on my list mostly because i have no groups to hang out with anymore there. And as large as it is I would get bored and depressed quick if had no groups to hang with.

Beside those? I dunno whats out there these days, and going to ones out of the country is flat out undo-able.  Juggling 3 weeks vacation for the year between furry cons, and now MLP/BronyCons and also car shows/conventions i wanna hit, leave very little vacation time to be able to do such a big expensive trip. Suggestions/recommendations for other cons in the US that are worth attending?  
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