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The end

Dear inkbunny followers,

TL;DR: As of today, due to massive butthurt I'm ceasing to post on inkbunny.

Recently the moderation team of this site has blocked and made hidden quite few of my posts, as you may have noticed. Some of them were pictures portraying humans in sexual positions and/or having visible genitalia which are against inkbunny rules. Considering the nature and topic of this site I accept that it was an oversight on my end for which I apologise to the administration team. On the other hand some of my posts were made hidden because I didn't ask for permission of a third party, allegedly the creators of pictures I've modified or edited. I strongly believe that I shouldn't be forced to gain permission to post my work just because it resembles someone else's pictures mostly for the following reasons:
-as soon as I edit the picture it is my idea that is represented on the picture not the idea of the creator of the picture I have modified. Especially if the edit completely changes the meaning or nature of the picture. It's like saying that Samsung had to ask Job's permission to create a smartphone for using his design.
-reaching the original artist may be impossible to contact because of not knowing the artist or how to contact him, the edited picture is already an edited version of another picture, or gaining permission would take more time and effort than the actual work took.
-In some cases it's impossible to tell if it's someone else's work or not. I.e.: most of my animated works are based on MLP pony puppets of other deviant artists, that have been recoloured, and rearranged to fit my animation. I might as well say that I myself reverse engineered official MLP cartoons and used them. Since the result would be the exact same there is no telling which is true. The background of one of my animation is also a work of a devianart user, yet nobody is able to tell. However, I would find it really disturbing if I had to ask for permission from someone who just traced a scene without edits, modifications, or changes, from the copyrighted movie, just because I've used his traced image. Which brings me to my next point.
-I find it absurd that I have to get permission for a poorly made doodle that is not copyrighted but it's ok to use copyrighted characters of Hasbro, without crediting them or asking any kind of permission.

I'll be sill visiting this site for porn, and pics to edit but I will refrain posting any content until the site's administration reconsiders this policy of theirs. Or at least refines it to a point I find acceptable, like if it can be proven that I indeed used someone else's picture as a base of my work, I'd had to put his name in the tags, or something. Unlike these self proclaimed "artist", I don't police my doodles. Anyone is free to use, edit, modify and post anywhere, any of my works. Some of my works even have source file download urls in the comment, look for them.

/autistic butthurt

Until then you can see all my nsfw works uncensored and free of idiotic moderation at sy-nsfw.tumbler.com and the rest of my non pornographic works at sersys.tumblr.com
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