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I was block by this guy on FA (random day)

yea soo
block me but didn't give much info on or as to why soo let me clear ya guys in on as too why this has happen
soo This guy Kinggreat is also Known Runegalin on Deviantart
this guy came up to me one day which i beleive its been 8 months ago askin me out of the blue for pov pics...
Back then i was new to sfm had no idea what he was talking
soo as a kind reply I told him no srry dude i cant make these I'm new to this ....
ok soo he never reply back ok fine that was the end of that......WRONG
he comes back week after askin could I make some pov pics with sally.......
this guy didn't get the hint i was still new to sfm ..so i told him no again an i ignore him
message after messge he kept on askin for pov pics...
my final straw was to block him on my Inkbunny an that will be it

he gives me a shout sayin Dude I'm blocking you I don't want to start another problem with you on inkbunny...
DUDE it took you like what 7to8 months to do that an as to why you would give me a shout on my fa page instead of messaging me saying you don't want to start another problem with me ...
have some commen sense an message me instead of starting drama on my page for the public too see

I block you on inkbunny cuz you couldn't take no for a answer even when I was new to SFM (Source Film Maker)

you kept of bitching and asking me after I said NO soo let be clear you brought this problem on yourself for not having a clear commen sense of Accepting NO

So next time you wanna say "I don't wanna start problems with someone maybe message the person first before you go annouce it on a public page

I also remove your comment cuz i don't want random ppl asking me what happen

also Furrysega2 thanks in all for fav an maybe watching me but plz stay out of this I don't want ppl stand up for me on this problem i can handle it myself I'll ask for help when I need it but untill then plz stand down this isn't a war

Thank you
Tenaos aka Tenao aka SegaInfinity aka Infinity
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Added: 2 years, 4 months ago
2 years, 4 months ago
I could swear I've seen that name crop up elsewhere related to similar drama, begging for pics and being an a-hole about it. Though I could just be remembering wrong.
2 years, 4 months ago
Sounds like he just wants attention and is trying to get a rise out of you. You are doing the right thing by ignoring him. But you are right, that was really random.

Speaking of random, do you think you could make a POV pic of Amy Rose for me?

I'm joking, I just couldn't help myself.
2 years, 4 months ago
he does ask for pov pics to everyone
2 years, 4 months ago
That dude is a stalker. He kept asking me for links to Pateron animations of some talented SFM artists on tumblr and I told him that he needs to go support those artists on that site in order to view them. Eventually just blocked him cause he kept asking the same goddamn question over and over.
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