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About Iris, my NEW CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!


Yes I have finally made up my new character, her info is below.

Name: Iris
Species: Husky
Hobbies: Video Games, Playing naked Twister with friends, and orgies.
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Fucks Anyone XD
Height: 5'11"
Favorite Food: Hot Dogs
Favorite Music: Techno

Personality: Iris has a nice and caring nature, always helpful with people close to her. She won't be taken advantage of by anybody, cross her and you'll be slapped or punched anime style! :) Iris loves babies(furries), she knows her own limits with things and when she's horny she will basically screw anyone who is willing. She also enjoys playing some sports like tennis, football or soccer.

Description: Iris is a husky girl with a common fur pattern of a husky, black on her back and white around her torso BUT she has a unique design to her fur, she has a light violet strip outlining the black part of her fur (which also reaches yo to her ears). Iris has some dyed fur(or tattoo some would say) on the right side of her muzzle, near her snout/nose, of a pink heart with a black paw-print in it. Her clothes are basic, she is a tomboy, she would only wear a dress to a wedding. Her everyday clothes are usually a t-shirt (either white, black or red) and skinny black jeans. Her underwear is either black or white, and she wears a bra and a thong (sports bra and boxers when playing sports, either colored red or yellow/gold). Iris' eyes are very unique, her left eye is ice blue and her left eye is light hazel.

There we go, there is my new character Iris. I don't have any money since I have no more job as of now and haven't gotten unemployment yet, I am really hopping someone could do a High quality Ref Sheet of her, either cheap or a freebie. I am aware that is a lot to ask for. Also donations could also help bring her to 'life' I would appreciate any help for that.

Paypal - fd291992[at]hotmail.com

Thank you, <3 Frank Foxx.
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Added: 7 years ago
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