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Kink Me Meme

This could be fun .3.
(stole this from @strangetales uvu)

🌸 General 🌸

Biting? Light biting yis
Dirty talk? depends on if im drunk or not
Femboys? yeeeaas~
Frotting? just a lil hard to do when you dont own a dick haha
Handjobs/finger jobs? mmmyes
Ice? i dont know about that onw .3.
Kissing? im a sucker for kisses, so yes
Leather? could be sexy
Licking? mhm~
Scratching? omg yes...
Spanking? ...maaybe..
Uniforms? unf <3
Unintelligent partners? no
Voyeurism? maybe
Feet? NO!
Armpits? NO!
Pregnancy?  nopeidup
Male pregnancy? yiiiiiiissss
Omegaverse? the fuck?

🌸 Anal 🌸

Anal sex? nuhnuhnuhnuh
Gaping? no
Pegging? no
Rimming? big fat no

🌸 Species 🌸

Human? yis
Furries? eh
Scalies? nah
Ferals? nah
Divinities? nah
Pokémon/Yokai/Digimon/etc? no
Elves? maybe
Dwarves? i like them, fricking awesome
Monsters? nah
Vampires? nope
Werewolves? eh
Aliens? no sir

🌸 Super Kinky 🌸

Worship? eh
Breeding? eh
Crossdressing? hehemaybe
Double penetration? NOHOHOHO
Drugs? naaaah
Alcohol? alcohol does makes things more intresting
Enemas? noh
Hair pulling? yis
Asphyxiation? havent tried it so idk .3.
Gun play? no
Knife play?  no
Blood play? no
Immobilization? no
Multiple partners? eeeeh maybe
Dubcon? ....yes...
Shaving? mhm
Choking? idk about that
Age play? nah
Incest? nooope
Macro/micro? no
Abuse? no
Bukkake? gross
Squirting? x: no
Vaginal sex? i like that yeah xD
Virginity? oke
Fisting? NO
Cream pie? im okey with that
Snowballing? no!
Scat/water sports? nope
Inflation? no
Shrinking? naaaaah
Vore? noho
Guro? nah
Emeto? yeah
Face fucking? maybe
Begging? ..maybe
Master/slave? yis..
BDSM? light bdsm im okey with .3.
Diapers? no
Necro? no
Mutilation? NO!
Cannibalism?  NO
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5 years, 11 months ago
Ooo <3
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sssssssssssssh ><
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