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upcoming rule 34 list

here i'll post an list of characters that will appear in upcoming rule 34 pictures that i'll draw, i'll update this journal with more characters as i come up with them or they are suggested to me. i'll also remove characters from this list as they are drawn.

and ofcourse my watchers are free to suggest more x3

Haku (dragon form) from Spirited Away
Veemon from Digimon Season 2
Mewtwo, Zoroark, Zorua,Wailord, Lopunny (male) and Lucario from Pokemon
Male Gatomon, Drimogemon from Digimon
Tails Miles Prower, Sonic, Chaos Knuckles, shadow and Chaos-0 from Sonic the hedgehog
Buster bunny
Madarao ( unleashed form ) from Kekkaishi
Bowser, and Yoshi from super mario
Goron, Deku shrub and Ganon from Legend of Zelda
Komomura from Bleach
Don Karnage and Kit Cloudkicker from Tales spin
Goliath from Gargoyles
Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle from Yu-Gi-Oh
Kyubi from Naruto
Leo Cantus from The world ends with you
Wakko and Yakko warner from Amaniacs
Mettaur from Mega man
Mars people from Metal slug
Fievel Mousekewitz  from An American Tail
J'zargo from Skyrim
Chip, Dale and Monty from Rescue rangers
Ratchet from Ratchet & Clank
Blinx the Timesweeper
Huey, douey and Luie from Ducktales
Austin from Backyardians
Swiper from Dora the explorer
Rupert the bear
T-Bone from Swat Kats
Flame Stag and Storm Hawk from Megaman X
Tony the tiger ( Kellog's frosties mascot )
Kimba the white lion
Simba from The lion king
Cringer from He-Man
Stripe (Gremlin form ) from Gremlins
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