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♥~14 Days of Valentines!~♥

Got this idea about a month back. Kinda wanna make a new yearly tradition leading up to my favorite holiday haha. Similar to inktober, draw a picture every day (or as many as you can) related to the theme. The only difference in this concept is obviously instead of surrounding Halloween, it surrounds the concept of Valentine's Day. ♥ c:

But I kinda wanna make it more interesting than that? Perhaps every year have a specific Valentine theme? ♥
I think this year I wanna make the theme centered around my favorite decade, being the sixties!~ ♥

I'm kind of regretting introducing this idea so late. Maybe some other people in the community would have liked to have had a go at the concept? If anyone wants to, or do something similar of the like, please, go for it!! >w<
But hey, let me in on you doing so! I wanna seee! I wanna knowwww! I'm curioussss! Hehe >u< <33

No need to stick with my ideal of this sixties theme either, this is mostly for me anyways. I may even give myself some wriggle room and wiggle out of this theme a little. Possibly doing some stuff from other decades too? So more like a, throughout the decades  theme? But I think I'll try to stick to my sixties thing going. There's just soooo many songs I could pay homage to that I wuvvvv~ <3333

Also not sure if I wanna leave it only the first 14 days of the month, and stop and have the finale be Valentine's day itself? Or keep going after that? We'll see! I'll use this year as my test run I guess on this concept, and maybe next year have a whole community idea set up to get others involved in, if so wish! :3   ♥

But for me personally the goal is to throw something Valentiney up every day up until the 14th at least. Kind of a drawing challenge for myself in a way? Doesn't have to be full out colored, and clean or anything! It be just a messy sketchy, or a quick scribble, that works! Just as long as I'm drawing something related to my favorite topic everyday! Giving myself some positively, loving  motivation! ♥

On Valentine's day itself, if all works well and the muse, motivation, drive, and flow all stick with me well enough. I plan on posting something rather personal and special to me~♥ Buuuut if I'm a little behind, (or heck really behind, I'm a horrible procrastinator, especially on the bigger things) I'll get it out there eventually! >u< ♥ ~!

~But yeah! I'd love to hear your thoughts, and feedback on this concept, if you're willing, Lovelies! ♥~

♥ ♥ ~Love you all and I'll see you throughout this months Valentines o' mine! c: ~ ♥ ♥

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Added: 2 years, 9 months ago
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