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Happy New Year and Merry Christmas everyone (LATE)

Hi everybody,

Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Best wishes, Great health, have a good day and aydjezegagah and all, and all, and all...
Well, I hope you spent awesome holidays, that you saw all your friends and that you had an awesome New Year's Eve. :)

Well, everything start extremely bad for me this year, I had a meeting with my boss to get an internship ( to succeed my trainning course ) the 22 of December and everything go fine.
Unfortunately, he called me back the 28th of December and told me that, at last, he refused to take me ><...

Now I have 15 days to find a new internship... Great -_-... And if I can't get an internship before the 15th of January well, everything will be lost, and so my trainning course would have meant nothing... So no jobs for me...

Since it's now really late to ask such thing to companies, UNFORTUNATELY, there's HIGH chances that I won't get the trainning course validation...
So this new year 2012 starts really bad...

Other news : If I fail to find an internship, you can expect to see me a lot on dA. I've got some Christmas and New Year's Eve pics to draw, ink and colour. ( of course, I got my pentablet stylus back ^^ )

Unfortunately, I think I'll stop the "Back to the Future" and CBMOI project. I don't really want to work on it anymore, and I am not motivated at all... So, my deepest apologies to the fans...

Well, at last SATDD WILL BE BACK FOR SURE on deviantART ! Of course, I'll finally be able to use my new gained skills while trainning on X websites ^^ ! And of course, thanks to the awesome lessons of my dear best friend

New resolution of the year : 1366 x 768
( yeah, I have a laptop XD )
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Added: 7 years, 1 month ago
7 years, 1 month ago
Once again, good luck to ya.  Would be bad to start this year in such a way.... So best wishes!
7 years, 1 month ago
^^ no worries im sure things will get better :P just a little time. thats all.

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