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Need some advice <GAMING>

Overwatch is on sale for $40...on PS4. Star Wars Battlefront (the new one) is less and not on sale which makes me worry.

Which should I buy?

Things to consider: I am a huge Battlefront fan since I learned how to do WSAD+Mouse controls on Star Wars Battlefront II on the PC ages ago. I played and like Overwatch but nobody I know plays on PS4, only PC. I'm not a huge fan of online multiplayer competitive games and I'm not good at them. Sometimes I get upset with them, but if I am having fun I tend to forget about winning or losing. I know very little about the games despite playing Overwatch before and looking up a lot about SW: Battlefront. I would like some advice from people who've played them about what modes the games have, do you HAVE to play against other humans to advance anything (IE: does Co-op vs bots exist and count?) and most of all, how much skill do you really need to win half the time? Is one or the other a super high-skill game like professional Starcraft or is it more like TF2 where you can have fun even if you're a nub?
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Added: 5 years, 9 months ago
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