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That Ol' Tyme Kink Meme

Maybe I did this back on FA when it was going around years ago... I don't remember, but I'm sure things have changed a bit since then anyway, so here goes. Here's to a prosperous new year full of doin' stuff!

DISCLAIMER: The following list is indicative of my preferences *in art*, or however else Make-Believe Land manifests itself.

(+ = like, - = dislike, and / = neutral/no preference.  More of a symbol means more liked/disliked than others)

Anal on Males [+]
Anal on Females [++]
Breasts [+++]
Breast Expansion [/]
Weight Gain [+]
(the "ate too much over holidays" kind, not necessarily the "big enough to destroy Chicago" kind)
Bondage [+]
Clothing [/]
(clothes are cool to draw and look at, but I don't think they count as a "kink" for me)
Leather [+]
Stockings [+]
Shoes/Boots [+]
(boots are nice)
Suit and Tie [/] (make that a solid "-" for modern business suits, they're just so shapeless and ugly!)
Muscle, Male [/] (depends on the individual)
Muscle, Female [/] (again, depends)
Cub/Shota [/] (I'll take a character in whatever form they're in if I like them)
Baby/Diaper [-]
Transformation [/]
Macro/Micro [/]
Impregnation [/]
Pregnancy [+]
(can be nice)
Lactation [+] (usually together with pregnancy, if so)
Anal Vore [-]
Soul Vore [-]
Cock Vore [-]
Standard Soft Vore [/]
(I don't really understand vore on the whole, to be honest... oh well, more for you!)
Standard Hard Vore [/]
Paw/Foot [+]
(feet are nice, articulate things, so sure)
Incest [+] (it's only dancing paper, after all ;P)
Clonecest [+] (if they're cute enough, why not have two?)
Yuri (F/F) [+++]
Yaoi (M/M) [++]
Hetero (M/F) [++]
Girly Boys [/]
(they're alright, but androgyny is my favorite state)
Butch Girls [/] (see above)
Mind Control [/]
Uniform [/]
(I could be persuaded perhaps?)
Orgy [+] (more fun to arrange than anything else, though, I'd have to say)
Subbing/Domming [+]
Biting/Scratching [+++]
Solo Masturbation; Male [+++] (I love masturbation of all kinds, it may be my favorite thing, please bring it here now)
Solo Masturbation; Female [+++] (see above)
Scat [-]
Menstruation [+]
(in B4 "girls are SEAUH GREAUUUUUSS")
Inflation [/]
Fat/Pudge [+]
(muffin tops and pokey-outy booties are kind of neat!)
Tech [/] (I guess this could be pretty cool if you do it well?)
Watersports [+]
Omorashi (needing to pee) [+++]
Glasses [+]
Braces [+]
Freckles [+++]
Tentacles [+] (what can I say? they're convenient!)
Oviposition [/]
Masochism [/]
(maybe under the right circumstances? I dunno)
Sadism [/] (see above)
Partial Nudity [+++]
Gore [/]
Snuff [-]
Hyper [+]
(I sorta like toony, Winger-style hyper)
Zoophilia [+] (birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it... often where you can see!)
Electricity [/+] (I'm on the verge of kindasorta liking this, I just haven't seen any really good representations of it yet)
Cross-dressing [/]
Oral [++]
Asphyxiation [/]
(outside of dying, though, I guess it sort of depends)
Wet-look [+] (can be nice, sure)
Mud/Quicksand etc. [+] (a good ol' roll about in the mud is neat, not too sure about quicksand though)
Sinking [/] (I guess that's quicksand-related peril again?)
Spooge [+++] (both varieties, it looks good on ya!)
Tickling [/]
Pet Play [+]
(can be cute, especially with playful "pets" who really get into the role! i.e. a "dog" lick-attacking their master, or a "cat" hogging the furniture...)
Age Difference [+] (can be fun)
Height Difference [+]
Humiliation [+++]
(not just any old humiliation, though. I like it specifically in a playful spirit, practically always towards a male, and in a situation where he likes what's going on but is embarrassed and/or grumpy about it. Very few people know about that one... =P)
Bodyswap [/] (never really thought about it, but I guess it could have potential...)
Genderswap [+] (I always like seeing alternate versions of characters)
Hips [+++] (YES)
Butts [+++] (ADDITIONAL YES)
Melting [/] (might be sorta neat toonily?)
Merging [/]
Voyeurism [+++] (but you only get those three ticks if the voyeur faps themselves stupid!)
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Added: 7 years, 3 months ago
7 years, 3 months ago
7 years, 3 months ago
Neat. I'm glad this meme is circulating again. :)
7 years, 3 months ago
I haven't seen any good electro pictures either.  There are some with extreme electrocution type stuff.  I think [name]MoodyFerret[/name] did an interesting picture with a pair of feral felines but there isn't much out there.  It might be interesting to try.  

There's so much missing from this list and especially lack of detail on what's there.  
7 years, 3 months ago
Shall I...steal this for my own nefarious uses?.....I SHALL! *yoink!*
7 years, 3 months ago
Tempting meme.  I would consider posting a journal with my preferences, but I'm afraid it would confuse people.  There are a few things on there that I would be perfectly fine with drawing, but I'm not that into.  There are also a few that I would not draw, but which I kind of like in certain situations.
7 years, 3 months ago
Heh, and I daresay that there are even MORE kinks that aren't included on this little list...mine, for one. XD
7 years, 3 months ago
well, what I would prefer of you is on the plus side, so I'm good on a few things
7 years ago
kewl list here. i may ask you to make a pic based on your likes with scotty and gir or lee. XD
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